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Friday, 8 April 2011

Paradox of our times

Assalamu alaikum. Funny how our actions are contradictory to our self proclaimed believe systems. In recent months, I've heard deaths of acquaintances and close relatives and i believe it's the same with you, but more tragic than the deaths is our failure to understand the subtle messages enshrined therein. We are living in a society where material worth and academic excellence are the major yardsticks for measuring success. Respect for people and constituted authorities is equated to materialism thereby relegating godliness and spirituality to the tail end. what a time has our eyes opened up to! for how long will this cancer of materialism continue to undermine our relationship with Allah and our fellow beings? 
Most a times, we make innocent and genuine resolutions to upgrade our Eeman but wittingly or unwittingly we succumb easily to our personal whims and caprices coupled with the overwhelming negative influence of  peers and 'in thing' hence, jeopardizing our golden opportunity of becoming better people. As Muslims,we are to believe that our smartness, intelligence and connections with individuals will never give us anything except what Allah has written against us. Hence, we should never allow our worldly pursuits to form a barrier between us and Allah. Our material gains or our poor state are all being sustained within Divine wisdom.

O you rich man, don't be arrogant and don't be complacent, your wealth is a test from Allah you either pass or fail. and remember, it could easily be snatched away within the blink of an eye and thus, you will become dejected. So my humble advice is, let HUMILITY and GENEROSITY be your slogan.

And oh you, whose resources have been restricted for positive reasons(pauper) don't be despondent and don't stretch an envious eye to the wealthy category because everyone is enjoying the full share of what Allah has allotted to him.

In conclusion, I implore one and all to shift our logic for a moment and look at things from a spiritual point of view and not from an obscured material point of view. May my Allah use us as a tool for positive change and increase us in Eeman and certainty.