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Monday, 13 June 2011


Assalamu alaikum. The greatest weakness of man is not to believe (DOUBT).  In fact our epileptic trust in
 Divine decisions is the genesis of our problems. How can a man claim to have trust in Allah and still be moved by what mortal beings orchestrate against him? This has to be a lips service. As a believer who is equipped with the gift of intellect, it can safely be said that, none ought to enjoy life be it apparently rough or smooth than a believer. The price of absolute trust in Allah is undoubtedly enormous but the reward is super amazing. Nay! Patience will have to become your common slogan otherwise everything will soon turn out to be a mirage.

Do you have any reason not to keep your righteous smile? I doubt if there is any such reasons because no matter how distasteful a matter is, a believer sees a thousand and one reasons not to lament but rather to be grateful to the Almighty and be hopeful of a favorable decision at the long run. I smile because in my spiritual sojourn through the magnificent world of Qur’an I came across an amazing verse and it left me wondering, what on earth has actually blind folded us from exploring the inner tranquility kept in this verse but nay, the answer is ‘DOUBT” in our minds of the reality of the verse.

In the usual inimitable style with which Allah communicates His divine Message a formula for the success of Man in this world and the hereafter was unveiled.  The equation goes as follows: “…And whosoever fears Allah and keeps his duty to Him, He will make a way for him to get out {from every difficulty}. And He will provide him from {sources} he never could imagine. And whosoever puts his trust in Allah, then He will suffice him. Verily, Allah will accomplish his purpose. Indeed Allah has set measure for all things.” Suratul Talaq 65: 2-3

Yes this is the formula! Still wondering? But I say it’s time for us to harness the potentials enshrined in these verses of the Qur’an. A door was never shut without a wider one opened as far as the lessons of our lives are concerned. When we take the element of trust and put it where it does not belong, we loose our sense of belonging, integrity and self worth. Islam encourages self actualization; nay it encourages a life of absolute dependence on Allah for everything.  There is nothing in the hands of people that can increase or decrease you in anything except what Allah has ordained. In fact, putting our trust in Allah makes the most impoverished person happiest on earth. The Arabic poet said it so beautifully “when predestination becomes favorable, the feeble becomes able and the helpless becomes helpful”.

The Prophet (saw) said proportionate to how we perceive Allah that is how He will deal with us. If you think Allah can’t definitely He can’t for you, and in like manner if you think He can definitely He can for you. A bit confusing? Go back again and take a cool journey through the lines may be you will understand it better. It’s really amazing how magical the power of dependence on Allah is. Subhanallah! Nothing is worth your mental stability. Depression sets in when there is lack of trust between us and Allah and contentment becomes the order of the day when trust in Allah becomes our slogan.

Whatever happens in our lives, we should take it as a step leading us to our bigger destiny. As believers in Islamic faith we don’t believe in coincidence, everything happens for a reason and that is the more reason why we should put our trust in Allah with an accompanied smile to wash away the dirt of disappointments. It is the trust in Allah that makes a student hopeful of a good result rather than depending on his/her intellect. The same principle is what a bird employs when it goes out in the morning with an empty stomach (not knowing where its food is but certain that Allah will provide) and comes back in the evening with a filled belly.  The moments we make someone feel we are dependent on him/her, then we have mortgaged our integrity. Most a times he/she starts feeling god-complex that he can do and undo as far as success of others is concerned. This is the biggest sell-out of our times. Always see Allah as the Only being that has the monopoly of deciding our fates.  Do your best and leave the rest to the Almighty

Let me end with these beautiful words:

“To speak to Allah no breath is lost
To walk with Allah (metaphorical) no strength is lost
To wait for Allah no time is lost
So TRUST in Allah and you will never be lost”

Without putting our trust in Allah nothing is worth achieving.