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Friday, 29 July 2011

The Month of Salvation

The Month of Salvation
How can I express our good fortune?
It is the month of the Qur’an appearing
I could see the forces of evil disappearing
The vista of peace and tranquility dominating
And Humanity in its entirety is celebrating
Now comes the echo of a gate in Jannah called ar-Rayan
Exclusively preserved for those who fast
Alas! Many will fast, but few will enter through it
Fasting is synonymous to piety
If your piety wanes, it is not fasting
If it waxes, then good luck
Let Qur’an be your companion
Hadith your superior
And piety your slogan
Not only for Ramadan but till death part our ways
Remember to pray for Nigeria and Muslims as a whole
Movies, games and unnecessary chats
Go hunt your companions
As for me I bid you farewell
For I know not if I will see another Ramadan.