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Sunday, 29 January 2012

Echoes of the Soul

A series of questions bothering me:
On 1 side is the podium kept for me to deliver a talk, on the other side is my father seated to listen. Allah is gonna ask me about this Ni'ma.

My Allah is so Generous that he keeps giving me air to breath even while I'm asleep. He's definitely gonna ask me about this Ni'ma

Allah gives us only temporary ownership of the wealth of this world, so we are under obligation to give out charity to His bondsmen. Be generous. He's gonna ask us about this Ni'ma (favors).

Even our skins will testify against us on the Day of Qiyamat. What a Day! Scary and horrible for the sinful ones. Ya Alla save us.

I commit a sin, I repent, I commit again, I repent. Satan tells me stop repenting & the Angelic inspiration tells me stop sinning.

Subhanallah! Our souls need an anti biotic. Repenting from a life of sin is pretty much like giving the soul a medication.

When we die, the insects of the earth consume our casing (body) it is the soul that moves onwards. Hence focus on the soul.