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Tuesday, 17 April 2012

The Tale of My Generation

A voice in me cries out: " Oh Abdullah, which direction are you heading to?"
and a sudden realization of the path I'm on flashed through my senses. Our generation is getting it wrong but there's hope.

Oh my dear generation!
At a young age, things were better at least to a fault.
We were perhaps unmindful of the happenings around us.
Everything seemed good and perfect.
The ties of kinship were strong among the children.
Classism and elitism were alien concepts.
Everybody was embraced as one by the broader society.

Then came growth with set backs.
The norms of our society became reversed,
Immorality became iconic,
Nudity defines liberation and freedom,
Corruption defines leadership,
Public theft defines success,
And religion is relegated to the tail end.

The elders are no longer functioning as the ideal role models,
The youths are confused in their quest to meet up with the challenges of a destructive civilization,
Nothing seems to be what it looks.
Counterfeit faith,
Counterfeit friendship,
Counterfeit love,
Counterfeit moral principles.

What has happened to our history?
Are we ashamed to associate with our past glory?
A Muslim is an honorable person.
Alas! Today we are the underdogs,
Desperate for western acceptance.
We no longer value the Islamic family system.

Our level of educational awareness is waning,
Our youths have mortgaged their future to drugs and fornication and entertainment.
Our men have become monsters and devil's advocate,
Our sisters no longer have hayaa (modesty),
And I see a society slipping fastly on a slope the end of which is Jahannam.

But I say, never too late to change the tide. We can make this world a proud place to live in once again if we can go back to our history books and revive the lost glory of our Islamic ancestry.

The doors of repentance are widely opened and as long as we repent sincerely, Allaah will change our bad and unwanted situations tot good and enviable situations.

You and I have questions to answer when we stand in front of Allaah and part of it is that we are gonna be asked about our contributions to change the immoral tide that have shaken the very foundation of our societies.