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Friday, 18 May 2012

A Success Formula

Talking about living an exemplary life full of Allah's obedience, then you can't help but picture an image of a sincere believer who fears the Day his deeds are going to be laid in front of him for just accountability

Undoubtedly, our greatest enemy apart from Satan is our low desires. Whenever we disobey Allah, then suffice to say that we have conveniently obeyed our desires

The battle has always being between the angelic inspirations within us that encourage us to practice what we've learnt and the satanic whispering asking us to satisfy&obey our heart desires

Allah says; "Then as for him who is inordinate, And prefers the life of this world, Then surely the hell, that is the abode."

"And as for him who fears to stand in the presence of his Lord(Allah) & forbids the soul from low desires, Then surely the garden(Jannah)--that is the abode." Q: 79  v: 37-41

A true&sincere believer is never to underestimate the provocation of his low desires. Don't you know that, our low desires are the building blocks of our ego

We have to train our souls to love&be attached exclusively to those things sanctioned by Allah. We have no option other than to force it upon ourselves by starving our whims&caprices if truly we want to be among the successful ones that will attain eternal felicity

Do not respond to the negative provocation of your soul, they only lead to regrets, depression &eventually hell(Allah save one&all)

Move away from your object of negative provocation. You can switch off that TV, computer& your hand sets if they are turning you into a monster at a particular moment. Always remember the gaze of Allah over us.

Whenever we starve our ego, our eeman rises beyond expectation&a time will come when our low desires will become our slaves under a spiritual watchdog. May my Kind Allah give us the strength to combat our low desires