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Friday, 27 July 2012

Upright Moral Character

The sad tale of our societies today can be summarised in the following words: Absence of Upright Moral Character.

There is no correct implementation of the provisions of Religion of Islam if upright moral character is relegated to the tail end.

In Jaami' at-Tirmidhi it was reported that the Prophet (saw) said; "There is nothing heavier in the Scales (on Qiyamat) than good character".

There is no doubt that the Prophet (saw) is our role model and the highest example of a man who displayed the finest possible character.

Where are the husbands of today? The Prophet (saw) would be in the service of his family whenever he is at home

Where are the so called leaders of today? The Prophet (saw) used to repair his own sandals and mend his own torn clothes.

Where are the husbands of today? The Prophet (saw) would milk his goat himself for his own family. This is leadership and humility.

Where are the masters of today? The Prophet (saw) would feed his own camel. We are too arrogant today to humble ourselves to this level.

Where are the employers of today? The Prophet (saw) used to eat with his servants, sit in the company of the poor people.

Where are the so called NGOs of today? My Nabiyy (saw) would personally take care of the needs of widows and orphans.

Where are those that are complaining that others don't greet them? The Prophet (saw) would be the one to initiate the greeting when meeting people.

Where are the extravagant ones? My Nabiyy (saw) lived a very modest lifestyle, he was soft mannered, naturally kind and easy to get along with.

Where are those that put up a frowning face to supposedly gain respect? My Nabiyy (saw) always had a pleasant smile on his face, gracefully humble.

Where are the stingy ones? My Nabiyy (saw) was extremely generous but not wasteful (study his biography and you will be blown away).

Where are those that are harsh to people? My Nabiyy (saw) was soft-hearted, gentle in his dealings with people and lowering the wings of humility to the believers.

Where are those that would turn down invitations by those lower than them? My Nabiyy (saw) would respond to the humblest of invitations.

Where are those that claim to love children? Sometimes, a little girl would take the Prophet (saw) by the hand and he would allow her to lead him wherever she wanted.

Where are the Muslims of tody? In this era of msguided western morals, it is pertinent dat we realize the completeness of the guidance of Muhammad (saw).

Allaah says:: "and to Allaah belongs the might (honor) and to His Apostle(saw) and to the believers, but the hypocrites do not know-Q63v8.

We have to prioritize the essentials: Our real and absolute role model is the Prophet (saw). Hold on to his guidance and there you go a morally upright man.