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Friday, 26 April 2013

How Do You Wish To Be Remembered?

Many have walked the face of the earth and are being remembered for either their good or evil. How do you wish to be remembered after death?

Are you among those who will do anything and everything to have this dunya and his totally indifferent to the provisions of the Hereafter?

Do you wish to be remembered as that handsome young man whose got wealth or do you wish to be remembered as a humble pious man?

Oh my sisters, do you wish to be remembered as that young seductive lady whose beauty was a subject of discussion or do you wish to be remembered as a pious, modest successful woman?

Are you the type that yearns for positive change and will work towards it by exemplifying it or do you just use such slogans with evil intentions to gain fame and popularity?

Hear this out: Whether we obey Allaah or choose not to, we gonna die one day and the world will not come to a standstill but it will amplify our goods or evils.

If it is your desire to please Allaah, then the presence of the kings and the rulers and the wealthy will not affect your taqwa.

Do you wish to be recognized as a celebrity without beauty and wealth? Then hold deen firmly and the angels will announce your piety.

Ya akhi wa ya ukhti? What are we? Who are we? What is our drive in life? What do we hope for when we die and what are we doing to achieve this hope?

Don't mortgage your Hereafter for a miserable price, the world and it's beauty is something that's perishable. Jannah is a non perishable good.

How do we treat those under our employment? Today we might the boss but we never can tell the heights Allaah is gonna take them tomorrow. 

The testimony of those under our employment in regards to our character is a true reflection of who we are. They gonna tell the world who we are when we die.
Imam Shafi'i said: "Some have died but their good character has kept them alive while others are still alive but their evil character has killed them."

Think and ponder over the reality of this world and you will come to the sudden realization that nothing is worth achieving if Taqwa (piety) is relegated to the tail end.

May our Kind and Generous Allaah unite us in Jannatul firdaus.