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Sunday, 14 July 2013

Where Are we Heading To?

Allaah says: "...but help ye one another unto righteousness and pious duty. Help not one another unto sin and transgression, but keep your duty to Allaah. Lo! Allaah is severe in punishment. " Qur'an 5 verse 2.

Oh Muslims! I thought whatever comes to us of technology we are supposed to use it for Allaah's sake, what are we doing on Instagram to help Allaah's deen? Vanity???

Whoever runs away from the truth runs away from Paradise. Majority of Muslims on Instagram post pictures that are exactly going against the ahadith of the Prophet (Pbuh).

Alas! Ours is an unfortunate situation that today Muslim sisters with Islamic names can stoop so low by insulting their modesty on Instagram. 

Vanity, materialism, lies, deceit, class-ism, immorality, nudity, are all what our sisters and brothers are promoting on Instagram. 

Spending thousands on make ups and photo shoot just to display immorality. The mindset of such is perplexing. 

A lot of people want us to keep mute while our sisters and brothers are going farther away from Allaah and His Rasul (Pbuh) all in the name of Instagram. 

Instagram has led to the funeral of modesty and morality in our homes.

Modesty is no longer an issue it is how immoral you are that matters.

The sisters post their most private pictures and the brothers make 'favorable' comments and Satan jubilates while Allaah's punishment awaits.

My mentor Bello Bwari said: "Today we can only give Da'awah to fulfill  righteousness but most people only derive pleasure in paying lip service to faith to gain popularity.

Fasatazkuroona maa aqoolu lakum +++and you will remember what I'm telling you.

My beloved brothers and sisters, I call upon your eeman to please have a rethink about your life in this world especially as regards our faith and modesty.

May Allaah Forgive us