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Tuesday, 3 December 2013

The Ice Is Melting Away!!!

Humanity is asleep, it will wake up when it perishes.

Won't you submit wholeheartedly to Allaah and hasten in your quest to outrace one another in following the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) before our time finally melts away?

Just when I looked at our beautiful skins, I sighed and lament! Only Allaah knows what will become of these skins of ours. Either Jannah or Jahannam but we all hope for Jannah in shaa Allaah.

But those who wish for Jannah, they work for Jannah and they walk towards Jannah.

Oh my beloved brothers and sisters! Don't burn away your youthful strength and beauty in Allaah's disobedience thereby qualifying it for the Fire of Hell to consume.

You are beautiful but tragic will it be if your sins take you to Hell thereby allowing it to peel off your skin.

Add beauty to your beauty by working for Jannah.

Those who will enter Jannah will do so in the best form. They will be the most beautiful and most handsome.

Sadly, you can't make it to Allaah's Jannah if you don't do Allaah's bidding.

Hold on to the Quran and Sunnah even if the whole world is against you. For in that lies your salvation.

I'm a traveler in this world and I guess we all are, what do I really have to impress you when I'm certain that only me will answer the questioning of the grave.

Have the necessary willpower to abandon a sin NOW. Run away from your object of temptation and seek refuge in Allaah against the evil Satanic whispering and delusional beguilements.

Verily, Allaah guides whom He Wills. May Allaah guide us.