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Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Monitoring Our Hearts II

Goodness is deeply rooted in our ability to know that whatever Allaah has willed will happen and whatever He does not will, will not happen.

Allaah will help us according to our intentions, persistence, desires and how much evil we avoid for His sake.

Success comes to those who supplicate Allaah, praise Him and resort to Him at all times.

The more cruel your heart is, the more remote it is from Allaah, and the softer your heart the closer it is to Allaah.

Excessive food, sleeping, talking, and socializing will increase the cruelty of your heart, hence do the opposite of these things.

If you want your heart to be pure you MUST prefer Allaah over and above everything, foremost of which is your desires.

The most tender, firm and pure hearts are those most beloved to Allaah for they are the vessels of true knowledge.

A heart that busies itself with worldly things will not have time to think about Allaah's Words.

If you would think about Allaah's Words and Verses, He would return your hearts with wisdom, benefits and knowledge.

If you allow complacency to grip your ego because of your apparent good deeds, you will become careless about Allaah&ruination will set in.

Starve your heart of the negative pleasures of this worldly life and Allaah will feed your heart with the positive pleasure of the Hereafter.

A sick heart gets cured when it seeks for Allaah's forgiveness and protection.

A rusty heart gets polished by remembering Allaah. Allaah's remembrance transcends beyond words, we have to internalize them.

A naked heart must cover its nakedness with piety, otherwise you and the custodians of nudity are the same.

A hungry and thirsty heart must nourish itself with knowledge, love, trust, and serving Allaah.

Trusting in Allaah, strengthens our eeman and makes us feel contented with what Allaah has decreed for us.

May Allaah guide us