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Monday, 10 February 2014

The Iron Believer!!!

Whatever you seek, seek for it from Allaah because to Allaah even the future is already in the past.

Don't disgrace yourself before any man seeking for the things of this world, if you do that, it's a reflection of the weakness of your eeman

Does it not suffice the believers that they have Allaah who takes care of everything that exists. Is Allaah not sufficient for His Slaves

We want a generation of Muslims that will put their absolute trust in Allaah Alone because the success and the charisma of any nation lies in that.

Don't belittle your eeman by rushing to the palatial doors of men seeking for the things of this world. Don't beg of men. Ask Allaah Alone.

The Allaah that has been providing for you since your creation has not tired out (SubhanAllah) that you will have to seek for an alternative.

The only obstacle between you and the alleviation of your physical and spiritual poverty is your inability to pray to Allaah sincerely.

The greatest weakness of man is "DOUBT", if he can ask Allaah without entertaining any doubt as to the acceptance of his dua, he is in.

Some people came to me and said: "The Jinns disturb what dua should we make" I said Ayatul Kursiy, Q112, 113, 114. Provided you don't doubt Allaah.

You have been given a legitimate licence by Allaah in the Qur'an to ask Him directly and He will answer you directly without any intermediary.

I seek for my and your spiritual reformation based on sound Aqeedah and I call on the Almighty Allaah to come to our rescue.