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Monday, 26 May 2014

The Bitter Truth!!!

The Bitter Truth!!!
What is happening in our societies is a direct reflection of our relationship with Allaah. Good relationship breeds good society.
The leaders have abandoned spirituality, the scholars have sold their Eeman for worldly gains, the youth are into drugs and homosexuality.
Incessant cases of rape, gossip, murder envy, malice have broken family ties.
Common enemy thriving by creating discord and dissension along religious and ethnic lines and the poor misinformed populace are blind to this.
A questioner might as well ask: "Oh Penabdul, what is responsible for all these?" My answer would have flowed naturally "ABSENCE. OF TAQWA."
Taqwa is to abstain from that which displeases Allaah and to implement His obedience.
The Arab poet said: "Abstain from sins whether minor or major, this in essence is the perfection of faith."
It is easy to thrill an audience, easy to abstain from sins under watchful eyes but real Taqwa calls for abstinence when in seclusion.
Allaah asks: "Why should Allaah punish you if you are grateful and you believe (in Him). Allaah is Responsive and Aware." Q4:147
Read Qur'an 16:112 and substitute where you find "city" with northern Nigerian and tell me more….

"And Allah presents an example: a city which was safe and secure, its provision coming to it in abundance from every location, but it denied the favors of Allah . So Allah made it taste the envelopment of hunger and fear for what they had been doing."

I swear by Allaah, if I and you and us will not abandon our filthy ways and embrace the good way of worshiping Allaah we will be in a mess.
The formula to rescue the situation lies in returning back to Allaah at individual level, then family level then the society at large will become sane.
May Allaah come to our rescue and give us the right frame of mind to assimilate the truth and work with it.