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Thursday, 12 June 2014

Who is And Who isn't Civilized?

Who is and who isn't civilized?

A wise man seeks to identify the purpose of his creation and strives to perfect that purpose.

The tragedy of our era is that death no longer serve as an eye opener to us. We see footage of massacre and that's all about it.

The youth, oh how I cry for us...we are being duped into adopting and appreciating a fake life.

The arrogance with which people declare their blatant disobedience against the orders of Allaah sends a shiver down the spine of any man with a sane and balanced understanding.

This one says she's a lesbian, the other one says he's a gay, the third says he's neither of the two but he's regular fornicator and adulterer. Only few are save from this devilish chain.

Man has grown wings that he no longer fears his Creator. Well, the Day Allaah will cause the grave to squeeze his ribs he will realize what he has bargained for.

Girls sleeping with boys, boys sleeping with girls, parents busy acquiring wealth while their wards are being exposed to Hell.

Oh my sister, do not unveil yourself, do not appear immoral, I swear by Allaah your regrets will be irreversible when you are lowered into your grave.

Muslim women moving around with exposed hair, men dressing like women wearing chains, skinny jeans, plating their hair.

The moral barrier between men and women has been broken we no longer see the difference between the two sexes.

Sinning has been made so easy and appealing that we no longer see sins as sins but rather we see sins as norms.

My message is, at least if we cannot be ashamed of the creation we should be ashamed of the Creator Whose Gaze is above us.

Man is a sufficient proof against himself.

I know my wrongs and you know your wrongs why not just abandon the wrongs and be a better Muslim?