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Friday, 4 July 2014

The Anatomy of Our Era IV

We live in an era where speaking against oppression and the oppressors attracts another oppression against the speaker.

We the Muslims are being killed in all the nooks and crannies of the world, yet the oppressors are portraying themselves as the victims.

We are living in an era where being a practicing Muslim is an open invitation to death both on the local and international arena.

As vulnerable as the Muslims are, and as oppressed as we are, yet we still find time to glorify the satanic culture the oppressors promote.

Can you begin to imagine the statistics of Muslims that are being killed, displaced, oppressed each hour of the day? Yet we are the terrorists?

In some parts of the world, we are being oppressed into not fasting during this month, yet we are the black sheep of this era?

I say this without any fear of contradiction that we the Muslims are the MOST TOLERANT people this world has ever seen.

Kill a dog mercilessly and the animal rights activists will drag you to jail...but kill a Muslim, you get a pat on your shoulder with a smile.

Study the history of oppression, it has always being falsehood trying to oppress the Truth but it never succeeds.

Cherish your Islam and hold tightly onto it.

Don't ever feel guilty of a crime you haven't committed. Islam advocates for peace and Justice. Never ever abandon a righteous deed for the sake of the oppressors.

We ask Allaah to disintegrate the strength of the oppressors whoever they are and wherever they are.