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Wednesday, 17 December 2014

In Retrospect! A poem that ends with (..ing)

Nights and days have been alternating
Years have been moving
Nations have been perishing

There was a long period of time when we were nothing
Then came a time when we started living
There will be a time when we will be dying

Sometimes our emotions know nothing other than smiling
Sometimes the emotion is dominated by crying
Sometimes it's a combination of a mixed-feeling

I remembered the early parts of my life when we go out playing
I remembered the peaceful ambience dominating
I remembered many faces that are now fading

What is the beauty of living?
Why should we indulge in time-wasting?
What could be the fate of those in the Graves waiting?

Once upon a time there was someone with power and authority now beneath the sod (grave) shouting
Once upon a time there was someone extremely poor now beneath the sod relaxing
Once upon a time the undertaker is being undertaking

I asked myself if everything is worth doing if Jannah is not forthcoming?
I asked myself if wealth, lineage, power is worth something?
I asked if our various quest is worth rewarding?

What could be the fate of our dead parents and loved ones in Barzakh waiting?
What will happen to us the Day the angel of death comes visiting?
What deeds are we advancing?

We came to this world crying
Our parents were smiling
Let it not be that the day we die we leave crying 

I dedicate this to all those that lost their lives in the hands of the oppressors.