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The blame is not on the one who does not accept advice. Rather, it is on the one who presents it inappropriately


Monday, 2 March 2015

A Clarion Call II!‎

‎In the Name of Allaah, the Entirely Merciful, the Especially Merciful. 

When Allaah has spoken and His Prophet has spoken, it is as it is, whether we appreciate it or not. The believers obey without probing the Wisdom of Allaah.‎
The Ummah must appreciate knowledge and healthy debate to be able to abandon what we think is Islam to embrace what is Islam. 

So many killings going on because some have chosen to understand Islam otherwise.
We as Muslims, must strive to be consistent in our obedience to Allaah. One of the miracles of the Prophet (Pbuh) was his consistency, he never wavered.

At each time, we ought to ask ourselves if what we are doing is worth doing and if Allaah's pleasure is genuinely sought. 

Without Ikhlas (sincerity; doing things for the sake of Allaah Alone) and Zuhd (having the wealth of this world yet focused on Jannah) we will shout with a mute sound.

Strive to better yourself as an individual and explore legitimate ways to add quality to the society. 

‎We must not entertain the thought that we are closer to Allaah than others. Allaah knows whose piety is legit.
Respect the time given to you by Allaah, for in it kingdoms are shattered and empires are equally established. ‎

Whenever you are in need, call on the One above the seven Heavens (ie Allaah) and if you are sincere in your call, He is ever ready to answer.

‎We need to mold a generation that will depend absolutely on Allaah, that will worship Allaah Alone has He ought to be worshipped.

‎We need to mold a generation that will respect the elderly of the society and will be kind and gentle towards the juniors of the society.

We need to mold a generation that will tame their desperation for instant riches which leads to many enormous vices. ‎

We need to mold a generation that will not search for an alternative god but instead will always recognise the presence of One Allaah Alone both at the time of need and in prosperity.
Don't allow despondency to stand between your numerous sins and Allaah's Generous Forgiveness. Repent and yours shall be a good fortune In shaa Allaah. ‎
Don't allow complacency to stand between your good deeds and Allaah's punishment. Keep doing good and be humble also. 

No dull moment in the life of a believer. Be productive and work tirelessly for an everlasting palatial homes of the ultimate Gardens of Jannah.

Don't do a thing to please others but do everything to please Allaah. 

A generation that is conscious of Allaah will be cautious of Allaah. 

We call on Allaah through the agency of His Most Beautiful Names and Attributes to grant us guidance, piety, modesty and contentment. ‎