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Sunday, 19 April 2015

The Social Magnetism!!!

Everyone succumbs either wittingly or unwittingly to the magnetism of the social conduct of their peers.

Regardless of whether we are young or elderly, one way or the other we tend to incline towards certain pressure from those whose company we enjoy. This was the case of Uqbah bin Abi Mu'ayt and Ubayy bin Khalaf.
 When the latter influenced the former to mock at the Prophet (Pbuh) ‎after an initial acceptance of the truth.

Perusing through the Words of Allaah with passion and enthusiasm introduces us to many forms of regrets Man will be engulfed in on the Day of Judgement. Undoubtedly keeping bad company is one of such regrets.

Allaah says in His inimitable style, in a flawless manner and in an unequivocal terms that: "Close friends, that Day, will be enemies to each other, except for the righteous." Q43:67

Every friendship that exists for a purpose other than for the sake of Allaah will turn to enmity on the Day of Resurrection, except for that which exists for the sake of Allaah.

Rasulullaah (Pbuh) said it so eloquently that: "A person is likely to follow the faith of his friend, so look whom you befriend."

Our social circle frames our thoughts. Be wise whom you befriend. 

Brothers and sisters, we either influence or get influenced. Character is contagious.

The giant Abu Hanifah said: "I love the pious and I am not of them, but I hope Allah will grant me piety [through loving them]."

‎Sit with those who will conscientize you about Allaah.

Do you have a friend whose very appearance reminds you of spirituality and reminds you of Allaah? That is a friend to keep if you have one.

Don't forsake your deen because of your friends. ‎

Look for friendship in him whose presence reminds you of Allaah. 

Look for friendship in him whose speech increases your knowledge about Allaah. 

Look for friendship in him whose conducts remind you of the inescapable accountability of the Day of Judgement. 

Look for friendship in him whose activities are meticulously done to please Allaah.

Don't frequent the gatherings of those whose appearance, speech and conduct take you away from Allaah. 

Peer pressure leads to beer pressure and beer pressure leads to blood pressure and blood pressure leads to death.

When we don't appreciate those that correct us we will see good as evil and evil as good. ‎

We need to become a manifestation and a reflection of piety so that we will attract the pious toward us. 

If you love the prophet (may the peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) you will be with him in Jannah. 

Those who keep evil company will find themselves in a humiliating position before Allaah, arguing and disputing with one another. 

For them, the Day of Judgment will be very difficult, because it will be the Day of justice and the decisive judgement.

In Suratul Furqan Q25:28-29 Allaah paints the image of regret of those who keep evil company: "Ah! Woe to me! Would that I had never taken so-and-so as an intimate friend. He indeed led me astray from the Reminder after it had come to me. And Shaytan is to man ever a deserter."

Arguably, we can postulate that the social and moral decadence prevalent in our societies today is a product of keeping bad and evil company.

Ask yourself this innocent question: "Am I living for Jannah through starving of my ego and evil desires by pleasing Allaah regardless of whether the world accepts me or not OR am I living for Jahannam by succumbing to my ego and evil desires by pleasing the world regardless of whether Allaah accepts my Iman or not?‎