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Tuesday, 5 May 2015

How Much More Time Do We Have Left???

Each time our hearts beat, the seconds of our minutes and the minutes of our hours and the hours of our days and the days of our weeks and the weeks of our months and the months of our years and the years of our lives beat away.

We all are full of hopes and aspirations, we have fantastic goals we want to achieve in this life, amazing plans for the future. Legitimately so, however, almost all the people lying beneath the sod (grave) now once had all these amazing plans too but time was against them as it will always be against us and our hopes.‎

"Time" they say is "money" but alas, time is not always for money rather the value you give to time justifies what it stands for. If we come to the realization of how important it is for us to make the best out of our lives, then our time will prove to be our most valuable possession.

For those that have car, when you buy PMS (petrol) and fill up the car's tank...the moment you start moving the car the consumption begins and the litre starts dropping. Do you celebrate the drop of each litre of fuel when you don't know if it's gonna be empty in the middle of nowhere with the possibility of being attacked by armed bandits or wild animals or do you start thinking of how to make good use of the car to achieve meaningful things before the tank goes empty so that you'll have value for your money?

Same thing with our lives, it's dropping and we have to ensure that our presence adds meaning and quality to our own lives and the lives of the citizens of the earth.

Be a soul of kindness whose influence will be felt and never to be forgotten.

Don't be an obstacle to anything good and in the same vain, don't be a prompter of anything bad...your time will either make you or destroy you.

In reality, our time is up because nobody knows when he will bid his final farewell...it could be now or soon.

Life is too short to spend it on frivolity. At the end, it is not how long we live but rather how well we lived and how many lives we've influenced positively.
Some led an enviable life and their time was up without any recourse to how valuable they were to the society but the strength of their positive character with whom they lived  has immortalized them.

While others are still alive but the negativity and the evil with which they live has killed them even before their time is up.

Implement all the good intentions you have NOW before your time is up. Believe you me it takes just a moment for our positive passions to be swayed by the tide of overwhelming negativity around us.

We either go into our homes without exiting ever again or we exit from our homes without ever entering again. Death will meet us in one of these two conditions and there's no third to it.‎

Value your time before you are made valueless by time.‎