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The blame is not on the one who does not accept advice. Rather, it is on the one who presents it inappropriately


Friday, 31 July 2015

Friday spiritual tonic

In the Name of Allaah, the Entirely Merciful, the Especially Merciful.

Worship Allaah when conditions are favorable and even when they are not. 

If we only worship Allaah when it's easy to do that then we haven't yet been exposed to the reality of worship. 

Be determined to change your sinful ways to righteousness and pray to Allaah to aid you. 

Believe you me, it takes a resolution of willing to abandon the life of sin in order to embrace the life of total obedience to Allaah. 

‎The initial spiritual energy needed to repel satanic weapons is enormous but once achieved it becomes easy to obey Allaah.

One of the most effective ways to abandon a sin is to run away from the object of lust. 

If what leads to Zina is seductive pictures of the opposite sex or provocative videos, then lower your gaze and don't look at haram.

Satan sets up traps that seem harmless just to lure people into committing the most shameful deeds. Be weary of Satan's deception. 
‎Some have confessed that it's from enlarging of the DP, to pornography and to either Zina or masturbation. Fear Allaah with regards to the sight.

‎To some the blessings of the internet is an avenue to secure entry into Jannah and to some it is a convenient tool to make it to Jahannam. May Allaah save us.

A lot of people trespass the limits of Allaah by abusing their free time, take advantage of the time you have now before it depletes away.

‎The time and the era is frustrated with the seductive display of nudity in all forms, to be successful in this era is to be modest. 

‎Free-mixing and the demystification of gender barrier under the pretext of civilization and progressiveness has tore our Eeman apart.

When  lowering of the gaze is seen as backwardness, then no sin will be too difficult to commit, because the lustful eyes is a window to all shameful deeds. 

If one claims that its difficult to lower the gaze because of so many seductive pictures and provocation around, then also there are so many ahadith to be read. The choice of what to look at is at our disposal.

Speak the truth no matter how many people detach themselves from you. The goal is to encourage each other to make it to Jannah in shaa Allaah.

Let this life be for you and do not let this life be against you. ‎