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Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Gains of incorruptible minds

Gains of Incorruptible Minds 
In the Name of Allaah, the Entirely Merciful, the Especially Merciful. 

"Is there not among you any upright man? Q 11:78

This was what Prophet Lut (AS) said to his people when almost all of them were guilty of the abominable act of sodomy. It was the norm.
Is not the formative years of a man's life vital to developing an incorruptible mindset such that both his friends and foes will be aware of his guiding principle? 

When a man sets a moral and an incorruptible boundary for himself then even those around him will be careful and selective with their statements and actions less they hurt his incorruptible sensitivity.

It is good to define our moral boundaries and to be serious about it because this in essence will provide a buffer zone against corruption and questionable actions.
Soon our society will start appreciating and rewarding competence and incorruptibility but it‎ takes very long to reap the benefits of being incorruptible in a society where corruption is the norm. But the incorruptible ones triumph in the long run.
I'm yet to see a man more beloved to his people and at the same time feared by his people than a morally upright man.

‎With an incorruptible personality and an uncompromising principles, even the kings and the rulers will confide in you and respect your opinions.

‎The incorruptible might not have mansions and exotic cars but they sure are possessors of peace, contentment, tranquility and stability.

The dangers of not being firm on your incorruptible principle are such that at anytime an offer can be made to buy you out and a real incorruptible man does not have a price.

Military might, financial muscle, nuclear strength, demographic advantage offer negotiating power but of all, moral integrity is the strongest.

I leave you on these three notes:

***For my parents and elders: With an incorruptible leader, our only bargaining power to be part of the government is competence and incorruptible pedigree. 

****For the youth: The success of our future largely depends on the incorruptible moral principles that guide and shape our mindset today.

****For one and all: When we mutually agree to cheat a third party we are equally agreeing to distrust each other.

May Allaah forgive our hidden and apparent sins.