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Thursday, 10 September 2015

Other side of Zina

In the Name of Allaah, the Entirely Merciful, the Especially Merciful.

Allah (Exalted be He) says “And do not even go close to Zina! Truly, it is a gross obscenity and an evil path (to go down).” [al-Quran, 17:32]

Generally, when Islam prohibits a thing it closes all the avenues that lead to it and the case of Zina is not an exception. But the courage to do what Allaah demands from us comes from how much knowledge we have of Allaah.

There is no sin greater than Zina apart from shirk and killing an innocent soul has explicitly stated by Allaah in Qur'an 25:68  "And those who do not invoke with Allah another deity or kill the soul which Allah has forbidden, except by right, and do not commit Zina and whoever does this shall receive the punishment "

Mothers are so honored not only because of the pains of labor and the love they show to their children but also because of their patience in giving birth to their children in a wedlock rather than through illegitimate means.
‎With all the Clemency of Allaah yet when it comes to the issue of flogging or stoning an adulterer and adulteress to death, He says let not pity withhold you in their case simply because the evil of Zina is wide spreading.

‎If we don't fear Allaah, Allaah will not hesitate to punish us.

‎Abdullah ibn Mas'ud (RA) said ‎"If a woman knows the (consequences) of Zina, she would not accept this world and all its contents to commit Zina" 
Yet, Imam Shafi'i said "Zina is a debt and those that will pay on your behalf are your daughters." Imam Shafi'i ‎: "

He further said that if you paid to commit zina, when it comes to payback time, people will commit zina with your daughters for free.

How many Zina is taking place in our shores today that it has become the order of the day.‎
And the great student of Ibn Taymiyah, Ibn al-Qayyim in "ad daa wa ad dawa" said:‎
"It is better to be told that your daughter has been assassinated than be told that someone has committed Zina with her."

‎A child that comes out from the womb that once received the sperm of Zina, will lose human passion and affection." Ibn Qayyim

Could this be related to the most rebellion among children towards their parents and siblings with no compassion today? I hope not.
A scholar said a woman that commits Zina will lose her value and charisma in front of her husband even if he does not know about the Zina and same holds true for the men also.

Yet another scholar said: "No one belittles Allaah more than an adulterer because he fears to be seen by the parents of the woman yet he doesn't fear the Gaze of Allaah.

If Zina has become the order of the day, then the nation has legitimized her own destruction. 

Run away from Zina.
It is more comforting to the heart to receive the death of one's mother than receive the news that she has been raped.

Zina is so appalling that no one wants it to be committed with any female relative of his, why then are people being insensitive by committing it with other people's female relatives?

Let's fear Allaah and destroy the path and traces of Zina. 

A man or a woman can't commit Zina without having all their connections with Allaah and His Prophet cut off at that time. A very disturbing consequence. ‎

The Prophet (Pbuh) thus warned us against marrying adulterers and adulteresses. 

‎Oh My sisters, the moment you realized that someone is uncultured...don't even smile with him because he will snatch away your dignity and will taint the history of your children unborn.
‎Abu Hurayrah (RA) at the later part of his life used to ask Allaah to protect him from Zina, and someone said to him: ' but you enjoyed the companionship of the Prophet (Pbuh)" he said "how can I feel secured from zina when Satan is still alive?"
"And whoever does evil or wrongs himself but afterwards seeks Allaah's Forgiveness, he will find Allah Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful." Q4:110

‎May Allaah forgive our hidden and apparent sins and save us and our families from Zina.‎