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Friday, 1 April 2016

Kidnapping, our new nightmare

In the Name of Allaah, the Entirely Merciful, the Especially Merciful. 

Sad to say that we are on a fast lane in losing our human sentiment and the inherent moral obligation of being our brother's keeper. Faster than our growth in technology and innovative lifestyle is our decline in morals and values. We don't need a scholar to convince us that the end of times is nigh, the sad tale of human cruelty against human is enough to convince any man with a sane and balanced understanding that ours is a generation very close to the end of times.

In recent times, the unfortunate and brutal inhumane act of kidnapping has generously resurfaced in our shores with the frequency ever on the increase. What's more alarming is the occurrence of such in the North where it was unheard of before. Kaduna in particular has become the focus of this notorious act of kidnapping. 

There's no doubt that the security agents are doing a great job in curbing this menace but there's never enough when it comes to intelligence gathering to avoid or at least minimize the occurrence of this social anathema. 

The government should facilitate a better synergy between the security agents and the communication between the agents patrolling our streets and roads and highways should be as effective as possible because most of these kidnappers move freely to their destinations unhindered.
Security as it's widely echoed is the responsibility of everyone, that we need to be extra vigilant of where we go to and when we go to such places. That we avoid following paths less followed and be mindful of allowing our kids to move alone (as for the elderly, we need to be extra careful).

We might want to argue the fact that most of these things become a reality in a society if poverty becomes the garb of the society. The 'get rich quick' syndrome is driving even the most modest man that lives in the village as a shepherd to take to kidnapping on the high ways. ‎

Our detachment from our cultural baggage and a desperation to keep up with other civilizations is partly responsible for this decadence. Mutual boasting amongst ourselves and the bid to out-rich one another may not be an isolated factor also. But be it as it may, as Muslims we know that there isn't such menace without a remedy. 

Our collective safety is a product of cordial and amicable social interaction. ‎
Amongst many remedies, I would encourage my Muslim brothers and sisters to be very mindful of their morning and evening adhkar (supplication) as taught by the Prophet (Pbuh).

Solicit for Allaah's protection in the morning and evening through these words of the Prophet (Pbuh):‎

"O Allaah, I ask You for security in my religion and my worldly affairs, in my family and my property; O Allaah, conceal my faults and keep me safe from the things which I fear; O Allaah, guard me from my front and from my right hand side and from my left side, and from above me; and I seek refuge in Your Greatness from receiving harm from below me."‎

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