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Saturday, 30 April 2016

The Muslims and the Media: Battle of the minds

In the Name of Allaah, the Entirely Merciful, the Especially Merciful. 

Allaah is testing us by giving us access to the world through the internet. Are we going to fear Him by not watching haram or doing haram with it.

Forgive me if I come across crudely, but this to me is a pertinent issue that needs to be curbed urgently. What is the media turning us into?

What we experience today in the media world is a case of classical conditioning of the human mind through images and false repeated information that are alien to our fitrah (natural disposition to incline toward righteousness).

Today the entertainment industry promotes illicit sex, homosexuality, women superiority, child rebellion against parents and we are the end consumers. 

When you tolerate something, you will eventually accept it. You tolerate homosexual scenes on Tv Shows,Series,Movies and you will eventually accept it.

In most movies, Tv shows, series.....they gradually are belittling the role of father as the leader of the house while promoting feminism and 'woman power'.

Single parenthood is what dominates most entertainment scenes today, this conditions the subconscious mind to accept the illusion that it's 'cool' to be divorced. Thus, undermining the social value of a family unit.

Most people (I inclusive) would have attained much moral heights if we had avoided the evils of social media and the entertainment world. But I guess it's not too late to have a rethink. 

The series that you jump to watch today have a woman playing a leading role, because it's all about women and feminism. 

Music has dominated most things today such that you see a hafidh (one who has memorized the Qur'an) yet exposed to the evil of Music. 

Transgender people have a TV show, homosexuals have, hip hop has, single parents have, spoiled kids have...and we want to be like them?

Those that don't watch Tv series, shows or movies or listen to musics are seen as being deprived yet they are really successful with respect to their time.

Hardly you'll find an innocent person that's been gripped by the clutches of the entertainment world without having an immoral person as a role model.

We shout anti-homosexual slogans when in reality that movie star, musician, footballer or reality show anchor we idolize is a homosexual or morally bankrupt person.
‎Arewa 24, another channel that's completely anti arewa culture. Be mindful of what you watch because Allaah watches and have records of all.

They see it as advancement in civilization, yet it is an attack on their conscience and morals. Hausa translated Hollywood movies introducing the locals to the most filthy and twisted ideology promoted in movies.

Where's our sense of morality, where's our sense of spirituality, where's our intellect that now we'r been enslaved by the entertainment world? ‎
‎Our daughters, kid sisters, watched Anna Montana religiously now the leading stars are prostitutes. Our young sisters and kids that idolized them will now see fashion in prostitution.

‎We thought it's all about civilization when our kids rush in to change channels to disney, now their minds have been shaped by disney not the Qur'an.

Take the mind, leave the body......a lot of people think they are civilized yet have lost their civilization. They've gone far and wide leaving behind their Islamic culture. 

‎How many hours do some people spend watching pictures of unchaste women on instagram, twitter, facebook, snapchat etc?

The young woman spends all her time and energy putting on make-up just to have a picture posted on the instagram for strangers to admire. 

Any man with a heart and the thought of Allaah's Severe Wrath will sob when he sees our innocent young girls taking shisha in the midst of men all in the name of advancement (an ci gaba).

Eloping to be with the love of our lives is one of the cardinal themes of the entertainment world today. We no longer value the family system.

‎It's the world of vulgarity, obscene and immoral talks that even the Muslims are caught in this negative and satanic web.

‎We think we are "cool" only when we are moving with the trend even if this trend is immoral as long as the world celebrates it.

‎I see a lot of Muslims shouting and jubilating over "Game of Thrones" How does that even unite with a Muslim's heart? What you see, and appreciate you become.

Just when they promote and hype an entertainment star then you realize he or she is homosexual, and you have to accept the lifestyle of who you love.‎
‎Entertainment is being used as a convenient tool to condition our minds and take us away from reality. Wake up before you lose you righteous mind.

Our sisters with their five daily prayers yet they dance like the (beyonce's) because they don't want to be left behind. Be a true Muslimah. 

‎Our sisters spend hours "Keeping up with the Kardashians" while we get brainwashed into accepting nudity and pornography as a way of life. 

‎A transgender that wants you to feel cool about changing your sex organ has a show "I am Cait" yet our sisters enjoy watching this?‎
When "E channel" is what keeps you busy, I'm afraid you will be told about Khadija's, Aisha's and Fatimah's and you won't be inspired.

‎Go to instagram and see what our sisters post and wallaahi you will sob profusely for the Ummah of Rasulullaah (Pbuh).

‎O Muslims! O Muslims! O Muslims! Wake up! Wake up! don't wait till you wake up in the Grave and by that time it will be too late.