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Monday, 16 January 2012

We live by the choices we make

Written by Penabdul on the 16th of January, 2012.
I seldom write as a political commentator on this blogspot but i guess this is timely.
Advancing an astonishing similitude to define my present position regarding the removal of fuel subsidy by our insensitive government will make an ordinary man appreciate where I'm coming from. Assuming I was approached by a friend or even a brother to offer advice on whether he should keep his money in the custody of someone who I know and I advised him not to for the simple reason that the person is a thief and has a very high tendency of carting away with his money but he heeded not my advice. Few months after, the man ran away with my friends money. Can that friend of mine have the moral bearing to approach me to help him arrest the thief after disregarding my advice? No! Because that will absolutely expose the lunacy in him and if yes, the reverse will be the case. What am I saying?

Few months back, we were at the forefront in our own local capacity championing the cause of a credible election and promoting a candidate whose integrity, charisma, honesty and truthfulness is unequaled in our political landscape but unfortunately many were blinded by ethnic and religious sentiments and as a result antagonized our sincerity of purpose and nay, even labeled us fanatics and bigots. We had our heart failure when "majority" mortgaged the future of this country for a miserable price in the form of religion, region and ethnicity.

Of course, Jonathan was pronounced winner and we embraced the path of destiny and sought for peaceful coexistence. Now, the same people that were against us for standing up against the candidacy of Jonathan and antagonized us for preferring a better candidate want us to pull him down. The question is, won't it be foolishness on my part to deprive myself of sleep and peace of mind in the name of wanting to fight a government I never expected to do anything different from what it is doing?
My revered General Muhammadu Buhari wept and many called him names but alas, we are sobbing now while he stands vindicated.

The peaceful protest across the country has actually unleashed the potential of an average Nigerian of becoming an activist in the positive sense of the word and even if the price of PMS (premium motor spirit) stays at N97 at least our selfish leaders will now know that gone are the days when those on the government's payroll will come on media to propagate dubious policies using the best english vocabulary they could summon. We are literates and equipped with the necessary intellectual technology and eagle's eye to scrutinize the misappropriation of our resources.So at this juncture, I would like to echo the sentiments of an average Nigerian that nobody should take us for a ride and a lesson for us also never to allow our selfish sentiments to cover our intellects when we making our choices in life. God bless us and give us peace and tranquility.