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Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Where We Are Today

What an era we are living in! the age of sufficient information but inadequate knowledge.
We have to learn how to practice what we've learnt  otherwise we will never see barkat (blessing) in our lives. We are honored as Muslims but interestingly, no honor comes without responsibilty.

If you are really proud to be a Muslim then be prepared to starve your ego from worldly desires. a lot has been said and written about righteousness and piety yet we are the most lacking in these virtues. What is really happening to us? Can't we for once pause and think of the Day we will give detailed account of all our deeds and utterances to Allaah.

What was it that we did yesterday to increase our eeman? Was it the normal talking, talking and talking with a clear vacuum of actions? Wake up and be a better Muslim. Some of us think that just because people see us as being religious then our ticket to Paradise is rubber stamped? wake up and embrace Taqwa (piety) in its totality with sincerity.

Forget about people showering you with flowery identity of 'Ustadh', how many of the good deeds have you practiced and how many evil deeds have you abandoned? We all claim to be religious but I doubt if a lot of us are godly and I inclusive. How we value Allaah in the absence of others is our real worth.

When will we move away from our comfort zone of always talking about how to fear Allaah to the real challenging zone of actually fearing Allaah?

A policy of self discipline and restraint should be adopted when it comes to how we respond to the provocation of our hearts. Our low desires is the mother of all evils, it prevents us from practicing what we preach.

And just like many other things in our lives, we keep making empty promises to our souls that we are going to abandon the life of sin yet we commit more sins.

O Muslims! Do we think that we can hoodwink Allaah with our flowery words devoid of actions? Then if that is the case, get ready for the worst of calamities as there's no Jannah for talkative who practice not on what they preach.

Every Muslim should make it a dedicated agenda to pray to Allaah  to give him the means and ability to offset his debts and the rights of others he has usurped. It has the potential of taking us to hell.

Concentrate less on this world  and its deception and delusional enjoyment. Learn to see things from a spiritual perspective and act base on that.

May Allaah guide one and all.
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