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Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Are We Just For Ramadan?

The buzz and the usual effulgence that accompanies Ramadan has redefined the landscape and the atmosphere of our societies. Penabdul has got his ink also refilled from the generous ocean of Ramadan. With a rare humble-pride, I can say that no single Muslim nay not even a non-Muslim can argue with the fact, that the spiritual breeze that accompanies Ramadan has a profound positive effect on the mental, spiritual and physical well being of those that are privileged to witness it. It has an unequaled calmness. One thing that can never be taken away from this blessed month the like of which is absent in others.

Many great scholars and even excellent students of knowledge have written and are still writing on the virtue of Ramadan. Interestingly, it can never be enough because the Arabs said; "What is oft-repeated is bound to be assimilated". I want to approach this article from a different perspective.

Over time now, I've been observing a laudable mind-set of most Muslims as Ramadan approaches, but sadly, in that I discovered something rather perturbing and I felt I take us through that humble perspective perhaps, it might give us a new dimension on how to approach Ramadan.

It is super amazing, that today most Muslims have either wittingly or unwittingly singled out Ramadan to be their sole month for sincerity, truthfulness, honesty, generosity, spirituality, godliness and meticulous time management at the detriment of the remaining 11 months. Undoubtedly, the Prophet (saw) was the most generous of all people all year round and even more generous during Ramadan. However, he (saw) never isolated any good deed for Ramadan at the detriment of other months, he only multiplies his good deeds during Ramadan.

As the bell of Ramadan rings, the common slogan on the lips of every Muslim or at most the average Muslim is "My Ramadan resolution is going to be: No movies, no backbiting, no clubbing, no zina, no music, more Qur'anic recitation, modesty in dressing, love for the poor, feeding the needy, less argument, more tolerance, more patience, a time for repentance and of course the almighty re-stocking of our stores for Ramadan special meals. But I ask you this innocent question; ARE WE JUST FOR RAMADAN?

Why delay all these virtues if we are really convinced with their position in the sight of Allah? What happened to the remaining 11 months? Are the angels not recording our deeds during other months? Or have we a special agreement with Allah that our sins will be overlooked until Ramadan? Why can't we start living our Ramadan resolutions now? Are we so naïve to think that we can hoodwink Allah? These are questions only we can answer.

Our over possessive nature over Ramadan which is supposed to be a plus-factor for us is actually becoming a negative factor for us. Because we delay every good deed and even our Taubah (repentance) till Ramadan, we tend to sub-consciously tie down our spirituality to 29 or 30 days after which we once again return back to our old ways. May Allah save us all. Ask yourself, how many Ramadan haven't we made resolutions in? What happened to those resolutions? We are just living for Ramadan that's the logical answer here.

Credibility does not go to that Muslim who is exceptionally righteous during Ramadan only ( because that's of course what the atmosphere dictates), real credibility goes to that servant of Allah who is sincerely mindful of his duties to Allah with all diligence pre and post-Ramadan.

Fellow humble believers in the Oneness of Allah! If it is part of your willing resolution to be reciting appreciable number of pages from the Glorious Qur'an during Ramadan, then the logical question is why can't you start right away considering the fact that the Lord of Ramadan is the Lord of Shaban and also the Lord of Shawwal. If it is our drive to abandon the life of sin and embrace the life of spiritual effulgence, then it makes no sense if we delay it till Ramadan and abandon it after Ramadan.

Start acting on those brilliant resolutions flashing through your mind now, don't wait till the crescent of Ramadan is sighted but instead let Ramadan receive you with excellent virtues. Remember, the key thing in the life of a believer is his ability to manage his time meticulously.. The claim of Sincerity on our part should dictate to us that we should be good Muslims all year round and not an exclusive demand of Ramadan.

The Mother of believers, Aisha (RA) said that Rasulullah(saw) said: "The deeds most beloved by Allah(swt) (are those) done regularly, even if they are small." (Bukhari, Muslim)- So there's no excellence in him who fears Allah only during Ramadan and is heedless of Allah pre and post-Ramadan.

Start acting now because we are not just programmed by Allah for Ramadan, we are expected to be righteous 365days of every year we are opportuned to witness.

May my kind Allah make us among those that will enter Ramadan with piety and exit Ramadan with even a bigger piety.I pray my Kind Allah give us peace and tranquillity in our lands.

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