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Friday, 17 August 2012

Women in Islam!

Travelling round the world, you will see two types of women. On one hand is a woman exposing the most important parts of her body at (Miami Beach, stadia, clubs, streets, shopping malls)  amidst the influx of strangest men from all over the world and on the other hand, is a woman veiled, well concealed like a pearl to preserve her honor and sparkling beauty in an Islamic environment. Then you ask me to choose? I say, the option of choosing between the two  is the worst insult to my intellectual being.

My Islam not only gives women rights but also heights.

If you wanna know the honor Islam accords to women, then you will have to take a journey back to the pre-Islamic era and see how they were treated and journey back  to the western world of today and see how they have being systematically reduced to a sex and a commercial object.

The Jannah of a man is tired down to a female.

The Hadith states that: "The best amongst you is the one who is best to his wife". In essence, Allaah measures the excellence of a man in relation to how kind he is to a woman. What a priviledge this must be for women.

She's either a daughter, a wife, a mother or a sister. The Prophet (may the peace and blessings of Allaah be with him) said: "That person who raises two daughters Islamically till they are matured will be like this (he made indications with his two fingers) with me in Jannah."

"A man's Jannah is at the feet of his mother"

Even after having her own share of inheritance, Islam still says don't spend it on yourself, let a man either as a husband or brother provide for you.

How can Islam be seen as being oppressive towards the woman? when it shoulders all the responsibilities of her livelihood from birth to death on a man. She's at no time liable for the provison of her basic needs.

The western world in its deceptive slogan of liberating the woman has destroyed the fabric of the society by causing marital eclipse(divorce).

In Islam, a woman has an equal but different right as a man. If a father buys Jallabiya for the son then he buys Hijab for the daughter. It will be the height of foolishness to ask him to buy Hijab for both.

In Islam, if all of the Muslim male relatives of a woman are not available, it is the responsibilty of the national treasury of the Muslims to provide for her needs..

The honor of a woman in Islam is too sacred that we can't aford to allow her to expose her beauty, thus becoming a victim of lustful gaze.

O the western world! Understand that women in Islam are sacred and honourable. Infact, they are fragile, hence we cant introduce them to the hustles and bustles of life.

Oh my sisters! Understand the honor Islam accords you You are a queen in this world and a queen also in Jannah. Grab this honor and get yourself out of the shackles of western-mental colonialism.

May Allaah guide one and all.