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Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Women in Islam II

When Allaah created, He created Adam and Eve and not Adam and Steve, why are men trying to become women and women trying to become men? Are we competitors as males and females?

It needles my emotions to see a Muslim sister talking about women liberation the western style. What happened to the heights Islam accords to women?

Islam has no issue with a woman becoming the best but are the women of today comparing themselves with Khadeejah, Aisha, Fatimah, Ummu Ayman (RA)?

No Muslim woman can ever equal the intelligence of our mother Aisha (RA) but was she loose with men? Did she expose herself to the provocations of the world?

Is it liberation that you go out there displaying your nudity in the name of carrier pursuits?Pursue your dreams by all means but present yourself Islamically.

We pride ourselves when we see our Muslim sisters excelling academically but it becomes a burden when they now see the world from western point of view

Ever heard the name Rufaydah al-Aslamiyah (RA)? Well, I came across the name last year in my little research sojourn. She was an Ansari woman.

Rufaydah al-Aslamiyyah (RA) was the architect of establishing a medical tent in battlefields what can be compared to the field hospital in modern military terms.

She provided all the needed kit for the wounded from her personal wealth. One scholar writes, "I have never came across a single woman who has sacrificed a lot than Rufaydah".

May we see the likes of her in our woman folk. Name your daughters after Rufaydah and by association they might be generous to Islam too.

What is honor to the 21st century woman is disgrace to us, what is food for her is poison to us and what is freedom to her is oppression to us.

We love our womenfolk, we honor them. We respect them, we protect them and we want intelligence to cap their beauty but not twisted carrier pursuits at the detriment of sane and balanced understanding.

We have to be vocal and vociferous in defending and upholding the honor Islam accords women to silence the voice of hypocritical women liberators who want to strip women off their honor.

Women were definitely in the forefront of Islamic awareness but modesty was their garb. So my fellow Sisters, Islam has not only given you rights but also heights.

May my Kind Allaah guide our womenfolk and the entire Muslim Ummah.