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Sunday, 7 October 2012

My Beloved Qur'an!

Is it the style?

Is it the eloquence?

Is it the rhythm?

Is it the cadences?

Is it the perfection?

Is it the healing effect?

Is it the tear power to activate my tear glands?

Is it the emphatic mention of right and wrong?

My pen can never encapsulate its beauty neither

The wave of its words penetrates my tear drop

Oh! How can I express the light of Qur'an

With it my heart derives solace

I shed tears of ecstasy 

And the warmth of my tears wash off my sins

Nothing is left out in the Qur'an

For it is universal

It provides light where darkness dominates

And hope where despondency reigns

Simply short of lines
Ya Allaah let my love for Qur'an take me to the highest abode of Jannatul firdaus and any such person who loves the Qur'an.
With much love from penabdul