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Thursday, 4 October 2012

The Hidden Treasure

The poet said:  "Modesty (bashfulness) is excellent if men possess it but it will be unique and superb if the women posses it"

Modesty is perhaps the only quality in the presence of which it becomes extremely difficult to disobey Allaah and its absence makes it very easy to disobey Allaah.

How will it benefit a person who allows Satan to rob him off his modesty by exposing his nudity to the entire world to lust after? I want to know.

If there's modesty, our speech, our gaze, our footsteps, our thought pattern all will submit to the Grandeur of the Almighty Allaah in unison.

Al-Haya (Modesty) is a branch of eeman. He who lacks it has crippled his eeman. So valuable, easily available yet not purchased.

The men are exposing their bodies and so are the women and the result is a catastrophic moral eclipse. Today, our allegiance to Allaah is epileptic.

By Allaah the sight of nudity all around us as a result of the Janazah (funeral) of modesty in our homes is enough to give us high-blood pressure.

Look around you, in a gathering of a 100 people hardly you will get 10 people that have their modesty intact. Everybody is exposing his/her nudity.

If there's modesty, then man even if he were in an ocean of nude women will try his utmost to lower his gaze because he loves Allaah.

Lower your gaze and wallah Allaah will inspire you with such an intelligence that you will get closest to Him and even your contemporaries will have to drink from the fountain of your knowledge.

You wanna excel intellectually, by all means lower your gaze. Excellence in intellect is crowned by the fear of Allaah.

Where on earth do you see a people whose religion is an embodiment of the highest level of modesty exposing their nudity? What is wrong with us?

From my house, to my neighbor's, to the street, to the neighborhood, to the working place, nay to the religious place, modesty is crying for help.

Are we so desperate for recognition that we shun Allaah's recognition and prefer human recognition.?

You wanna be popular, preserve your modesty for the sake of Allaah, He will announce His love for you in the Heavens and the world will be compelled to love you..

These words of mine are not thumb-sucks nor are they their to hoodwink. What do I stand to benefit from you if you preserve your modesty. Do it for the sake of Allaah.

Sometimes you wish you are beneath the soil than above the soil but nay we are forbidden to do that. But what is life with nudity? Absolute shambles.

Oh Muslim women, I wish you could see the tears on my chick and the sadness in my voice, why do you have to expose your nudity? Don't you think of death?

Ya ukhti, don't unveil yourself, don't expose your nudity, trust me the consequences are severe. Allaah loves that you preserve your nudity exclusively for your partner.
Today we are here, tomorrow we are no more. All the comments on our exposed bodies and the negative popularity will avail us not.

The common slogan of Islam is: let their be modesty and moderation while the western culture chants immorality and extravagance. You choose!

I drop my pen this morning asking Allaah to bless us with a life epitomized by modesty, sincerity and a worthy eeman and to forgive us and accept our repentance.