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Saturday, 10 November 2012

The Anatomy Of Our Era II

I look at myself, I look at my sisters, I look at my brothers, I look at my friends, I look at the Muslims both old and young- I see no piety but hope of brighter future which is tied down to our turning back to piety.

Where are we heading to? Do we have our maps intact and accurate? Are we navigating using Qur'an as our compass? What is wrong with us?

Is it just enough to label ourselves Muslims when all we do is on a contradictory frequency with what Allaah wants us to do?

My heart sobs wen I see the lifestyle most of our teenagers indulge in today. The elders have left us with no hope and we the youth are shattered morally.

Repeated sinning, grave sins, blood rituals, oppression, crime, indecency, social injustice has turned us from humans to hardened beasts. Touch any man anywhere at the slightest provocation he will come close to eating you raw.

Even our normal conversations today have become a mimicry of violence. We abandoned Allaah and the consequence of that is a hardened heart.

Allaah says commit no adultery and fornication but we refused and she's got pregnant now, either she kills that innocent fetus or gives birth and kill that innocent defenseless child.

Look at the way an average Muslim teenager dresses now, his pants sagging down, his hair spiked up, he's got chains on his neck and he smokes and takes drugs as though he's doing Allaah's bidding.

Allaah says: "And many a township did I give respite while it was given to wrongdoing. Then (in the end) I seized it(with punishment) and to Me is the (final) return( of all)-Surah Hajj: Qur'an: 22v48.

We are being deluded by our youthfulness and think not of the Day we will be laid in the grave to be either squeezed or made comfortable by our deeds. The emotion of an average youth today is being controlled by sports and movies.

The elders are nothing but glorified thieves and the younger generation being fed by these looters see no honor in Islam. They respect no one

It doesn't benefit my Allaah that the youth be wayward but this also is as a result of them being fed by parents that oppress the weak.

And (O Muhammad saw) give glad tidings to the Mukhbitoon (those who obey Allaah with humility and are humble from among the true believers of Islaamic Monotheism)-Surah Hajj: Q: 22v34.

Allaah make us among them.