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Wednesday, 7 November 2012

The Three Golden Rules To A Happy Life

Undoubtedly, a lot of things are easier said than done but not so with IbaadaAllaahi-l-Mukhlaseen (Those servants of Allaah whom He has chosen for guidance, whose immunity against satanic whisperings is a settled fact).

For him who hopes to live a life full of joy, devoid of worries, depression, anxiety and frustration even in the midst of the most unfavorable circumstances, then here's a formula not from penabdul but from the words of Allaah.

In a hadith Qudsi, Allaah says: "Oh My servants! Fill your hearts with my ibaadat (worship) and I will fill your heart with Joy and happiness"

The formula to happiness which is the opposite of depression and sadness is divinely inspired by Allaah through our sincere worship of Him.

If you wanna be happy in the midst of life's burden, then follow this thought pattern-

Don't ever occupy yourself with the thought of poverty for that will only increase your greed

Don't ever dwell much on the thought of those that have wronged, oppressed, disappointed and cheated you for if you do that you will only create malice and animosity in your heart which will make your life miserable.

Don't ever plan a long future for Allaah Alone knows what the future holds. If you do that it will only make you to amass more wealth which will burden your accountability in front of Allaah.

Hence, I conclude by saying that the world needs to know that peace in anything comes exclusively from Allaah to those who depend on Him without an iota of doubt of His Omnipotence (Unlimited Power).

May Allaah inspire us with a heart full of contentment.