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Friday, 16 November 2012

Where there’s Allaah, there’s a way!

Everyday the sun rises, Satan launches a fresh attack on our Eeman and in particular against that youth who has taken onto the path of Allaah.

It is part of the grand design of Satan to trick people into believing that since they commit Zina, take drugs, and backbite, there's no need for them to waste their time praying. But Allaah's Grand design is to forgive us.

It is that turning back to Allaah after we've committed a sin that introduces piety into our hearts.

If Allaah were to go tit for tat in relation to our repeated sinning versus His punishment we would have been no more. But His mercy overrides His anger.

And I tell you, if you are waiting for Satan to tell you to stop sinning he won't, rather he comes to us and tells us to stop repenting repeatedly.

Allaah loves us and that's why He's made mercy an obligation upon Himself (though nothing is compulsory on Allaah, He does as He wills).

That guy and that girl at the pubs and clubs have hope as long as they breathe. We've seen where Allaah has taken people from the abyss of sins to the lofty heights of eeman.

We all are living in a life full of thorn infested paths, the sinner must feel the pains of the thorns that represents his/her sins and the man of eeman must walk with care not to be pricked by the thorn of pride and complacency.

He who has fallen into the hole of sins must be helped out by those on top. That's the Islaamic spirit I'm talking about here.

Umar (RA) said:  "Whenever you see your brother has fallen in the hole of sins, don't drop him further but help him out"

That youth who's got his pants sagged and that sister who's got her hair exposed must be embraced and introduced into the magnificent fold of modesty instead of sentencing them to hell.

Be you a drug addict or a delinquent, be you an adulterer or a fornicator, be you a non-observer of salat, there's hope for you as long as you repent sincerely and seek for guidance.

If my attitude towards the sinner is harsh and repugnant and not soft and mild to lure him out of his mess, then sincerity dictates that I be harsh against myself too because sinning is also a reality in my life.

Make excuses for your brothers and sisters and seek for their and your spiritual reformation.

You've done a wrong, be rest assured that the world is not over yet. Lament, regret, make a pledge not to repeat it again and seek for forgiveness.
That poet said: "O sinner do not despair, for you are dealing with a Kind Allaah"