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Friday, 18 January 2013

Appreciating Time II

Two men given equal hours in a day, one memorizes verses from the Qur'an, learn the sciences of the Hadith, and is mindful of his duties to Allaah while pursuing is legitimate material endeavors and the other one gets himself occupied with pomp and mutual boasting, rivalry in respect of wealth and children, play and amusement. The first pleases Allaah and qualifies himself for Allaah's mercy and the second displeases Allaah and qualifies himself for Allaah's wrath.

Time is the creation of Allaah and just like all creations it wears out, so make good use of your time before it ends.

Nothing of human can be done outside the sphere of time and space but my Allaah is not restricted by time and space. Use your time judiciously.

Al-Hassan Al-Basri (Rahimahullaah) said: "I met some people who were more stingy with their time than their money." (Sharh As-Sunnah by Al-Baghawi).

Abu Al-Wafa Ali ibn Aqeel (rahimahullaahi) said: I am not allowed to waste an hour of my life. Even when I am not giving lectures or reading, my mind will still be occupied with some issues while I am lying down; and I will not get up until I find something useful to write.." (Al-Muntadham by ibn Jawzi).

Oh man! Don't waste your time on things that will only add to your regrets when you stand in the Court of Allaah.

This verse makes me cry like a baby-"Has there not been over man a period of time when he was not a thing worth mentioning? Q: 76 v 1.

We were once not on anybody's vocabulary, then came our birth, and there we go angels recording our good and bad, and then death snatches us and we will be judged and rewarded accordingly by what we do with our time.

What a waste if a man spends his time in Allaah's disobedience.

In Bukhari the hadith on the strength of Ibn Abbas (RA) says it all. The Prophet(p) said: "There are two blessing which many people lose: (They are) health and free time for doing good."

When Qur'an speaks of past events, it uses a language and a direct mode of expression between us and the past so as to erase the illusion of a long distance.

No action of man is independent of time, hence time is of vital importance and MUST be spent in Allaah's obedience.

In your twenty four hours what percentage goes for Allaah's deen and what percentage goes for your worldly pursuits which you might achieve or not? 

A true man has no boring periods in his days. Nay, there's no enough time to achieve what is worth achieving, so why do we complain of boredom?

Have we read enough Qur'an that we have extra time that we fill with boredom?

When you say 'you are killing time' there's an echo of the word that reverses the statement to 'TIME IS KILLING YOU'!

Who's winning, who's losing, Which car is the latest, which phone is the latest, this and that but no such thing as How many verses have you memorized?

What a creation man is, that he masters the things of this world but his heedless of the Hereafter!

Time will surely make or break us.

A man will sob profusely, shedding tears of blood asking for just a few moments to obey Allaah when he sees the angel of death. You have the time now to prevent that.

Of what benefit will the verses of Qur'an be to a man if he acts not on their dictates within the limited time Allaah has given him?

Let time bear you witness that in it was your temperament characterized by Allaah's obedience.

Wallaah! Whoever dedicates his time to serve Allaah, Allaah will make his worldly endeavors excellent within a limited time.

He who sacrifices his time to serve Allaah's deen, then it will take him fewer time to achieve what takes others years to achieve.

I see men abusing their time and I cry out, can't these people give me their extra time so that I can read more of the Kutb (books) in my archive!

Allaah asks: Fa' ayna tazhaboon? Then where are you heading to? Q: 81 v 26.

O man! Come back to your Allaah before time destroys you.

Time is for Allaah and time is never for money.

Give your time to Allaah, and Allaah will make money your time.

When driving, listen to the Qur'an or the  Tafseer or Hadith or do the recitation yourself. You will add value to your time by doing that.

I mean the phrase that 'today is boring' has got to be alien to the concept of time to the Sahabah (RA).

I'm sure you will feel honored if you have more of Qur'anic chapters in your memory than you have now, so why not use your extra time to memorize?

The Prophet (p) would not go out after Ishaa. He would sleep early to wake up for Tahajjud. How do we spend our nights? Snoring or standing?

Don't listen to the voice of Satan that whispers into ears that You Only Live Once-YOLO: You Only Live Permanently in Paradise or in Hell!.

There are people that literally rob you off your valuable time, so meet less with them..

There are people that literally brighten your time by filling it up with positivity of both spiritual and material world, meet more with them.

Has not the time come for the hearts of those who believe (Muslims) to be effected by Allaah's reminder (Qur'an).-Q: 57 v 16.

My last message for now in shaa Allaah is: Strive your utmost to strike a balance between your material quest and your spiritual quest.

Brothers and sisters, VALUE TIME now by worshipping Allaah in it before you are made VALUELESS by time.