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Sunday, 24 February 2013

The Thin Line Between Knowledge And Action!

Islam has elevated the people of knowledge over others but if they act not on their knowledge they will be the lowest of the low.

Ya akhi wa ukhti, take advantage of your abilities now before they become disabilities.

If we consciously decide not to seek for knowledge then we might be committing a serious sin.

Whoever treads a path seeking for knowledge, Allaah will make easy for him the path to Paradise.-Ibn Majah

If you deliberately chose to remain ignorant then you have contradicted this verse: "So ask the people of knowledge if you know not." Q16v43

Once our Master(p) said: ""Verily, the cure of all ignorance is to question" The hadith of Jaabir bin Abdullaah

It does not befit the profile of a Muslim that he has time to earn extra cash but cannot spare time to learn about his fiqh, aqeedah, hadith and Tafseer.

We must seek knowledge in place of ignorance, wealth in place of poverty and Jannah in place of Hell

What about increasing the time allocation for Islam? Listen more to lectures from scholars of reputable aqeedah not the deviant scholars

What about attending Ta'alimat and beneficial knowledge circles and reading more beneficial books.

What are the possible hindrances and obstacles that are preventing you from acting upon what you've learnt? Study them and eliminate them

Ya akhi wa ya ukhti, hasten towards good and do not delay your repentance because you might just be on the top list of the angel of death

Ya akhi wa ya ukhti, if you are too stingy to give Allaah some of your time now, the coming years will even prove you to be stinger

When we delay to act upon our knowledge, our zeal dies away and our resolution dwindles until the knowledge become a prove against us.

The best time to act is the very moment you learn.

Those who learn and act upon their knowledge, they alone exist in Islam in the true sense of the faith. 

Act now upon your knowledge before the knowledge acts against you.

Wuni da masoyi, ya fi shekara da makiyi- Bidi abokin zama daga ilmin ka, kafin laifufukan ka su ta sa ka gaba.