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Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Pause and Reflect!

The human mind works in an amazing way, if you get it accustomed to piety it will incline towards it and if it is accustomed to sins it will incline to it.

A man keeps himself on the right path as long as he abides by the dictates of Allaah.

When we seek for Allaah all the time we will find Him all the time

Did you not see how many young men have died in recent years? What was their plan and were they able to meet their worldly targets?

A man can never benefit from his grave as long as he wastes his time in useless things.

Repent now.

When it was yesterday we said today and when today sets in we say tomorrow? Aren't we afraid that tomorrow might be our grave?

Where's that youth who wants to be on the lap of an everlasting luxury? Then introduce yourself to Allaah by obeying Him.

Your life is a capital you posses so do not waste it in useless things.

Guard strictly your habits of Salat for your salvation lies in it.

Avoid music and singing because these cannot live in the same place with the Qur'an.

Today you are strong hence you can dance on the party floor but what about when sickness sets in and you may not be able to even move your arms?

The candy is dangling before you. It's your choice.