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Sunday, 24 March 2013

Crying Over Our Sins

"And put your trust in the Ever Living One Who dies not and glorify His Praises and Sufficient is He as the All-Knower of the sins of His slaves"  Suratul Furqan verse 58.

A heart consumed by perpetual sins will fail to praise Allaah and it will waste its time on things that are not beneficial unless it repents.

O man! strive to accept the truth when it hits your ear drum, for perpetual rejection of the truth leads to the constriction of the heart.

A man who commits sins perpetually and deliberately will have his wealth decayed and his life will be devoid of substance.

How many are humiliated by Allaah regardless of their power, wealth, looks and affluence because of their sins. Sins lead to humiliation.

Your sins will only attract you to bad friends who will spoil your heart and waste your time on frivolity.

A man has definitely signed a record deal with sadness and grief if he's chosen to sin against Allaah.

Forget about the water beds, the private jets, the mansions, the bank accounts of great sinners, Allaah says a man in sin has a MISERABLE LIFE.

When a man commits sins then he should know that Allaah has abandoned him because of his negligence towards Allaah, hence he should turn back to Allaah in sincere repentance.

If a man plants a tree of faith and piety in his heart, it will give abundance fruits of sweetness in the Hereafter.

If a man plants a tree of ignorance and desire in his heart, it will bear fruits of bitterness in the Hereafter.

It's high time we returned to Allaah and seek Him in our eyes, ears, hearts, and tongues: The four weapons for destroying Satan or ourselves!

Sins will humiliate you and introduce great tension on your life for years on end.

We are humans and can't help but sin, but we need to return back to Allaah more often than we commit sins.

"As humans we cannot be sinless but we can sin less."

Wear the garment of Tawheed and the arrows from the quiver of your enemy (Satan) will not kill you.