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Thursday, 4 April 2013

Make Your Hay While The Sun Shines!

A wise man said: "The sea of pleasures may drown its owner and the swimmer fears to open his eyes under the water." In essence, just like a swimmer closes his eyes under the water as he enjoys swimming so is a man drowning in the sea of lusts.

Buy for yourself Paradise (through doing good deeds) while there is still a market(life) and you have the ability to buy (stregth and wealth).

Don't mortgage your Hereafter for a miserable price. Everything of this worldly life will lose its beauty. Nothing is permanent.

Allaah refers to the Day of Judgment as Yaumu at-Taghaabun (the day of mutual loss and gain-Loss for the disbelievers gain for the believers).

Nuh (AS) preached for close to a thousand years ending up with less than 10 followers for this Islam you are joking with today.

Ibrahim (AS) was thrown into the Fire because of this Islam you are treating with low interest. Can't you ponder?

Ismael (AS) was on the verge of being slaughtered for this Islam you don't wanna sacrifice your luxury for. Can't you talk to your soul?

Yusuf (AS) was sold for a cheap price and imprisoned for several years. All for this Islam.

Zachariya was sawed in half for this Islam. Can't you see that you haven't yet made any sacrifice for Islam?

Yahya (John) suffered distress because of this Islam.

Isah (Jesus) Was persecuted and rejected by the Jews for this Islam.

Muhammad (p) suffered poverty, persecution, exile, social and economic boycoot, wars, harms, all for this Islam. And you say you wanna enjoy your life?

If you do not work hard and face difficulties along your way in seeking glory, you will never taste honor and relief when you attain victory.

He who finds delight with people by advising and guiding them, cannot have more delight except in their company.

Much love from Abdullah Musa Abdul.

May Allaah unite us in Jannatul Firdaus.