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Saturday, 6 April 2013

Is it the End?

Abdullah, a voice in me calls out, "What are you doing in this world wasting your time by not worshipping Allah mindfully?"

And I started thinking about that life after death and I asked my fake eeman: "How I'm I gonna fare before Allah?" It's so scary.

Each time I try to understand the benefits of dying a sinner, I fail miserably because there's none.

The thought of the situation of many now gone whom I once shared joys and sadness of life with makes me re-orient most of my thought pattern.

Remembering that family member and a friend that once spoke to me and now even the echoes of their voices has faded away, lost in the haystack of oblivion.

I fear the day my loved ones will hastily lower me in my grave and nay, neither shall they see what I will see nor hear what I will hear.

Days and lives have passed, memories established and on to Allah is my and your onward journey.

Get prepared before you are prepared for funeral.