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Thursday, 27 February 2014

Oh My North III

In the Name of Allaah, the Entirely Merciful, the Especially Merciful.

Laa Hawla wala quwwata illa billaah: There is no power nor might except with Allaah.

Why do men kill because of this world when the world itself will die?

What we saw like a candle light is consuming us like a wild fire. NORTH or NOT, LIFE is LIFE.

Those that sobbed profusely yesterday for the blanket massacre of their loved ones have themselves cried upon today because they've also been consumed by the same blanket massacre.

Allaah will put our leaders into severe questioning and I doubt if they will pass the examination. Killings, Killings, Killings and they seem to care not. 

Everyday we hear the sad news of blanket Massacre in Borno, Yobe, Adamawa yet we don't see any convincing commitment from the government or even the elites that occupy the positions of authority in the country except for a few fearless souls.

There is pleasure living in this world if we have just leaders, generous wealthy men, pious poor people and innocent defenseless children.

I'm afraid, there is a famine of just leaders in our country, the wealthy are hoarding their wealth, the poor and holding guns and machetes to claim the lives of their very own people and the innocent defenseless children are the victims of the carnage.

 Any leader that goes to sleep cheerfully and with great merriment when his nation is drowning in blood will surely meet the Wrath of Allaah.

Allaah knows what is happening to the Muslims and those innocently killed also, Allaah is fully Aware. He will hurl those responsible into Hell and they will have no attorney.

Imagine people crying for help and our leaders turn a blind sight to their cries. What a nasty people jesting at the desperation of the innocent.

You see the footage of those children killed cold-blooded in Yobe and you will divorce this world.

By Him in Whose Hand my soul is, a Day is comin when all hidden secrets will be brought forth for examination. Alas it'll be too late for the criminals. Allaah save one and all.

Do our leaders know what leadership means?

Do we the followers really care for our oppressed brothers and sisters or are we just paying lip service and blind-folded by religious and ethnic jingoism?

Let them eat and wine and have their bank accounts filled, inevitably they will leave this world with unfulfilled desires, unremitting sadness and unachievable hopes.

The perpetrators and the conspirators think that what we say or write about these Massacres make no difference, I pray it makes in the Court of Allaah.

We believe that Qiyamat (Judgment Day) will see that justice will be meted out against the criminals who use their power and wealth to orchestrate a sinister plan against innocent defenseless people and yet subvert justice.

Allaah never sleeps and never will, hence He knows their secret counsels in details and allows to happen only that which He allows.

Before you commit Zina, remember that there are people like you being killed because of Allaah.

Before you contemplate delaying your prayers, remember there are those who want to pray on time but guns and bombs have denied them that privilege.

Before you drink any intoxicant, remember there are those that want to drink water but bomb shells and bullets have taken over their wells.

I swear by Allaah, Allaah will ask our Governors, Emirs, Senators, Representatives and Businessmen regarding these Massacre. And nay, even commoners like you and I will be asked about our reaction to these massacre.

The wealth we amass will soon become an ambush for us if we continue to abandon our responsibilities.

Wake up at night, sacrifice that blanket and that sleep you cherish and pray to Allaah not for wealth or success but  ask Him to aid those under attack.

If we want our prayers to have a profound effect we MUST abandon a life of sin and embrace a life of total obedience to Allaah and His Rasul (may the peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him).

When we ourselves are yet to leave the clubs, the brothels, haram chat rooms, lies and deceits how then do we expect our prayers to ascend?

Never Ever entertain the idea that Allaah is oblivious of the carnage going on in #BornoMassacre and #YobeMassacre and #AdamawaMassacre He is only giving the perpetrators a respite to a time wherein He will grab them fiercely.

The desired aim of the media and those killing the Muslims and an innocent population is to subject us to a state of psychological despondency. We will never despair but rather will trust in Allaah.

Safe to say that we lack just leaders. If our governors, emirs, senators, representatives and businessmen will stand up to challenge the presidency on the state of the nation especially 'NORTH' the nation will be a better place.

My dilemma is; I'm not sure if they are afraid of poverty or death when it is certain that we all will die one day.

What can we do? We have Allaah to cry to, we have our voices to be heard, we have our perseverance to challenge the powers that be.

Yes, we don't have power, nor wealth, nor authority but we are stronger with Allaah.

O People! Wake up to your responsibilities, be mindful of your duties to Allaah, don't run behind this world, prioritize the essentials in your life before those who kill reach your homes.