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Sunday, 16 February 2014

Sahabah: The Shining Stars in Our Galaxy!!!

In every sphere of life, there is always a fall out or a black sheep regardless of how diligent the society is or how meticulous the moral and ethical values are. Amazingly, of all the Sahabah (may Allaah be pleased with them) in their thousands there was no single fall out among them. They were simply tutored and nurtured by RasuluAllaah (may the peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) who himself said: 

"My Allaah nurtured me and my Allaah has perfected my nurturing."

What made the nobles of Prophet Muhammad's people hasten toward his religion without any recourse to their positions or wealth?

The weak among the arabs rushed to  RasuluAllaah for protection against the tyranny and the oppression of their rulers yet he has no weapons nor vast kingdom and dominion.

The Kuffar launched series of attacks on the Prophet (Pbuh) in a terrifying way, yet the oppressed sought refuge in the religion he brought.

What words can explain the consistency, the heroism and the absolute loyalty of the Sahaba to Allaah and His Messenger (Pbuh)?

What was the psychological will power demonstrated by the Sahaba (RA) in the face of imminent dangers and persecutions?

What words can explain their unequaled submission to the dictates of Allaah and His Rasul (may the peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him)?

The Sahaba (RA) gave pledge of allegiance for Islam, to listen and to obey both at the time when they were active and the time when they were inactive, at the time of ease and also at the time of difficulty.

Can you visualize the calamities the Sahaba (RA) endured for this Religion and the subsequent victory they achieved?

None can isolate the vital role played by the Sahaba (RA) in liberating humanity from the paganism of conscience.

The Sahaba (RA) were selected by Allaah to bring victory to Islam and today I am Abdullah and you are Muhammad and She is Fatimah.

In the hadith of Bukhari and Muslim, RasuluAllaah (Pbuh) said:

"When a person sits in the company of the pious he will never be deprived of good" What words then can encapsulate the honor and the fortune of the Sahabah that didn't only sit in the company of the pious but sat in the company of RasuluAllaah (Pbuh)?

Humanity has never witnessed the likes of the Sahabah (may Allaah be pleased with them).

The lives of the Sahaba (RA) has been subjected to microscopic scrutiny and investigation, yet the more you dig in to their lives the nobler you find them to be. Conversely, the more you dig into our lives the uglier it gets.

The Sahaba (RA) adhered to the truth the like of which defies comparison.

Allaah in confirming to us the legitimacy of the companionship of the Sahabah (RA) says: 

"So those who emigrated and were driven out of their homes, who suffered in My cause, who fight and were slain-Verily, I will expiate from them their evil deeds and admit them into gardens under which rivers flow (in paradise); a reward from Allaah, and with Allaah is the best of rewards." Q3 v195.

Yet again, Allaah by His Own Excellent Admission says: He is pleased with the Sahabah (RA). in reference to Q9 v100.

Ibn Qayyim (RA) said: "The greatest feather in the cap of the Sahabah is not in Allaah's statement that they are pleased with Allaah but in Allaah's statement that HE IS PLEASED WITH THEM."

In Suratul Naml Allaah says: "Say: "Praise and thanks be to Allaah, and peace be on His servants whom He has chosen! Q27v59. Sufyan Thawri and As-Suddi said: it is the Sahabah that are being referred to here. (Ibn Katheer).

Safe to say that, the Sahabah accepted Islam in an atmosphere of hostility and terrifying horror. They simply dared death itself. MEN! Rijaal. Where does this leave us the Muslims of 21st century?

When the world rejected the Message of RasuluAllaah (Pbuh) it was this handful of Sahabah that defied the custom of their nation and accepted the Message.

The Sahabah could leave behind their homes, wealth and establishments just to be helpers of RasuluAllaah (Pbuh).

Today we can't because of Allaah exit that haram chat room or even drop that candy that has haram content in it or shun that business which is shady in nature, yet we wanna insult the Sahabah.

The Sahabah loved RasuluAllaah (Pbuh) to such an extent that they secured his happiness before theirs. Today we please our lusts before anything.

The Sahabah (RA) undoubtedly were a nation of Qur'an, they witnessed the revelation of Qur'an. What an honor this must have been for them.

Today when we have problems we rush to our parents or friends or tutors for advice but the Sahabah (RA) had RasuluAllaah (Pbuh) to run to.

Subhanallaah! Who were these Sahabah? what was their psychological make up, what was their mental will power and their unwavering submission?

Abubakar (RA) was beaten to unconsciousness because of Islam, yet when he gained his consciousness the first thing he said was: Where is RasuluAllah?

RasuluAllaah (Pbuh) said: "Nobody's wealth has benefited me more than the wealth of Abubakar (RA)." yet today some insult him.

Abu Jahl heard the incidence of al isra' wal miraj directly from RasuluAllaah (Pbuh) yet he denied, Abubakar (RA) heard it from Abu Jahl, he believed. 

Umar (RA) was stabbed by Abu Lu'lu'ah when he was leading the Muslims in Fajr, yet wen he gained consciousness he asked: "Did the Muslims complete their salat?

I sob profusely and I cried to Allaah and I said "Ya Allaah, who was 'Umar, what was the Eeman of 'Umar (RA)!

Uthman (RA) was stabbed while reciting the Qur'an. What an enviable end, what an honor. Yet we don't wanna protect their honor in the midst of blatant accusations leveled against them.

Ali (RA) was killed also while praying. The price they paid for supporting RasuluAllaah and for upholding the standard of Tauheed.

When they were alive it was RasuluAllaah (Pbuh) flanked by Abubakar (RA) and Umar(RA), after death they are still together in the house of my and your mother Aisha (RA).

What was the calibre of the Message of RasuluAllaah (Pbuh) that Khaleed bin Waleed could turn from being a hostile rival to the "Sword of Allaah"?

'Amr bin Al-'As (RA) after returning from the Jaish of Dhat as-salasil asked RasuluAllaah (Pbuh) whom he loved most and he answered: "Aisha (RA). Yet some people in this Ummah find it convincing to put her honor into disrepute.

Is it after the effort exerted by the Sahaba (RA) by the virtue of which you and I can lay claim to Islam today that we now choose to insult them?

RasuluAllaah (Pbuh) said: "Whoever abuses my Companions, upon them is the curse of Allaah, the angels and all the people" [Tabaranee].

Sufyan ibn `Uyainah said: "He who speaks a single word against the Companions of Allaah's Messenger (Pbuh) then he is an innovator." 

Imam Ahmad said: "If you see anyone speaking ill of the Companions of the Messenger of Allaah, doubt his Islam."

Adh-Dhahabee said, "Anyone who criticizes the Sahaba or insults them has gone out of this religion and has segregated himself from the Muslim Ummah.

In al-Kabaa'ir, adh-Dhahabee also said, "The one who loves the Prophet loves and respects each and all of his Companions. To hate any of them is to hate the Prophet." Where does this leave those that antagonize Mu'awiyyah?

A man said to al-Mu`afa ibn `Imran, "Where is Mu`awiya in relation to `Umar ibn `Abd al-`Aziz?" He got angry and said: "One does not compare anyone with the Companions of the Prophet, may Allah bless him and grant him peace! Mu`awiya was his companion, his brother-in-law (being the brother of Umm Habiba the Mother of the Believers), his scribe, and one who was entrusted with the revelation of Allah!"
Nawawi said in Sharh Sahih Muslim: "Know that to insult the sahaba is haram, and one of the fawahish al-muharramat (grave major indecencies)."

Jabir (RA) narrated from the Prophet (Pbuh) -:  "Allaah chose my Companions over everything else in existence. Musnad of Bazzar classified as hasan.

Abdullah Ibn Mubarak said: "There are two qualities which are the cause of salvation for whoever has them: truthfulness and love for the Companions of Muhammad."

"Knowledge is what comes from the Companions of Muhammad -- peace be upon him -- and whatever does not come from one of them is not knowledge." Narrated by Ibn `Abd al-Barr in his Jami` bayan al-`ilm

Ayyub as-Sakhtiyani said: "Whoever loves Abu Bakr has established the deen. Whoever loves `Umar has made the way clear. Whoever loves `Uthman has been illuminated by the light of Allah. Whoever loves `Ali has taken hold of the firm handle. Whoever praises the Companions of Muhammad is free of hypocrisy. Whoever disparages any of them is an innovator opposing the Sunna and the right-acting Salaf. It is feared that none of his actions will rise to heaven until he loves them all and his heart is sound."

"Those who come after them say: Our Lord, forgive us and our brothers, who preceded us in belief, and do not put rancor into our hearts against those who believe." (59:10)

Ulaaika ashabu-n-Nabiyyi wa hizbuhu walau laahum ma kaana filardi Muslimun-These are the Companions and the army of Muhammad (Pbuh), if not for them we wouldn't have had a single Muslim left on the face of earth.

Brothers and sisters in Islam, whenever you surf through any internet site or flip through the pages of any book or hears anyone insulting any of the Sahabah of RasuluAllaah (Pbuh), leave that site, close that book and block your hears to save your EEman.

Learn, learn and learn about the Sahaba. Study Siyaru "alami-n-Nubala of Hafidh Shamsuddeen Adh-Dhabi, study al-Bidaya wa-n-Nihaya of ibn Katheer, study Hayatu-s-Sahabah of Shaykh Muhammad Yusuf Kandhelvi (RA) and many more.

Allaah is my witness that I have related the best of what I know about the Companions of RasuluAllaah (Pbuh). We have no excuse to insult them.

"Those who will come after us will be better than us or worse than us because of us."