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Saturday, 31 May 2014

Jannah Is Worth It!!!

Paradise is beautiful. 

We work here, to reap there. Jannah is the goal. 

We must be patient in worshiping Allaah if we aspire for Jannah. 

In Jannah, there are things the eyes have never seen, ears have not heard, mind has never thought of. 

Allaah uses the term "inheritance" when talking about Jannah. Inheritance is the only form of property acquisition thats irrevocable. 

Perform Tahajjud, seek for Allaah's forgiveness, feed the poor and in Jannah you will have that which pleases you. 

A wise man concerns himself with that which will earn him the pleasure of Allaah. 

Explore all legitimate means to attract the Mercy of Allaah unto yourself. 

Everything in Jannah is not subjected to diminishing effect. The enjoyment in Jannah is ever on the increase to abide forever and ever. 

Everything of this world is subjected to end. Our beauty will fade away, our strength will be replaced with weakness, life with death. 

Those who fear Allaah will be in Jannah of delight. Eating and drinking as they please. They will be united with their families who followed them in Eeman.

Do you know what? The highest pleasure in Jannah has got to be seeing Allaah face to face….. 

Those who eschew music and musical instruments will have the maidens of Jannah sing for them when they are in. 

Those who abstain from the forbidden wine of this world will have rivers of wine in Jannah. This wine does not intoxicate nor cause headache. 

The time is drawing nigh…….death is just lurking around the corner. Believe in Allaah and couple it with good righteous deeds. 

People love 'chilling' and thats legitimate as long as its from a legitimate source but if you wanna sustain your 'chilling' worship Allaah. 

In Jannah, you 'chill' all the way. 

Mansions upon mansions built alternately with gold and silver bricks mortared with saffron. This is not a fairy tale, this is a fact. 

In gardens of Jannah, on raised couches, high pavilion beneath which rivers flow…rivers of pure water, wine, milk and honey. Jannah it is. 

O man! which of the favors of Allaah will you turn a blind eye to? Jannah is calling…. 

Allaah says: He shall not decrease the reward of the deeds of the believers in islamic Monotheism. 

You wanna be exposed to the reality of a barbecue, Allaah says: "And We shall provide them with fruit and meat such as they desire."Q52:22.

In Jannah, you will hear no nonsense. 

Those in Jannah will be shielded from the noise pollution of those screaming in Hell so that their 'chilling' does not suffer disturbance. 

As an architect, I appreciate the therapeutic effect of beautiful gardens and water fountains and swimming pools…In Jannah they are there for us In shaa Allaah.

Whoever fears the standing before Allaah for questioning and does good deeds has been promised two gardens in Paradise.
Those that will make it to Jannah will recline upon couches lined with silk brocade, having fruits drawn closest to them. Just b a good Muslim.

In Jannah, you will see no nonsense. 

Allaah asks a question that pierces through our hearts: "Is there any reward for good other than good?" Q55v60.