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Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Where Lies The Recipe?

Search inwardly and sincerely and you will come to the realization that Allaah has really blessed you beyond measures.
There isn't a single soul on planet earth that hasn't been favored one way or the other by Allaah.

Whatever Allaah grants to people of mercy-- none can withhold it; and whatever He withhold-- none can release it thereafter. " Q35 v 2
Here this out: Whatever has been written for you, no power, no influence, no hatred can withhold it from you because Allaah is the All-Mighty.
Likewise whatever has not been destined for you can never be yours no matter how influential you are.

We must be grateful to Allaah for everything whether it is in conformity with our anticipation or otherwise. Allaah does only good.
The favor of Allaah reaches not only His true believers but also to those who blatantly deny His existence and those who belied Him.
You think you ain't wealthy, what about the good health at your disposal? Recognize the favors of Allaah.
You think you are jobless despite your intellect, what about the intellectuals that have gone mad. AT LEAST YOUR SANITY IS STILL INTACT.
You think you have prayed so much and still haven't seen the light yet, the delay is the light you seek for. Allaah is All-Wise.
The Allaah that has been providing for us ever since we were in the womb of our mothers hasn't yet tired out that we have to seek for alternative.
The recipe for more lies in showing gratitude and also in fearing Allaah at all times.