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Wednesday, 12 November 2014

A Spiritual Dosage!!!

A spiritual Dosage!

Man has been inherently equipped with wickedness and nobility (reference to the 8th verse of Surat Ash-Shams), whichever one he chooses to nurture and nourish that shall dominate.

Allaah says: "Indeed he succeeds who purifies his ownself (by responding to the angelic inspiration within his soul)." 

As for he who chooses to nurture and nourish the evil and Satanic whispering within his soul, Allaah has confirmed his failure in both the world.

Indeed the true bondsmen of Allaah are those who when the inherent wickedness within their souls provokes them to club, to party, to commit Zina, to steal, to lie, to drink intoxicants, to smoke away their lives, to expose their nudity on social media, to promote obscenity, to listen to Music, to delay or abandon Salat, they instantly remember Allaah and immediately Allaah comes to their rescue and they abandon the filthy and evil thoughts. (In reference to the 201st verse of Surah Al-A'raf)

But the evil ones will not hesitate to actualize the Satanic whispering and devilish thoughts flashing through their minds.

The choice is undoubtedly ours to make, we either respond to the righteousness within us or we unleash the inherent wickedness within us.

The former choice begets Jannah and the latter choice begets Jahannam. YOU CHOOSE!