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Tuesday, 11 November 2014

The Celebrated Menace II

In the Name of Allaah, the Entirely Merciful, the Especially Merciful.

"And (remember) Lut, when he said to his people: "You commit immoral sins which none has preceded you (in committing) it in all creatures)." "Verily, you practice sodomy with men, and rob the wayfarer! And practice Al-Munkar in your meetings." Q29:28-29

In the history of humanity, the first people to initiate the act of sodomy (homosexuality) were the people of Prophet Lut. Audhubillah!

It was part of the characteristics of the people of Prophet Lut (the homosexuals) to rob the wayfarers.

The homosexuals in the time of Prophet Lut (AS) would make obscene talks in their gatherings. They used to have intercourse in public.

The homosexuals used to have funny hairstyles, shaving one side and leaving the other. Today our youths are guilty of this funny hairstyles.

The homosexuals used to sag their lower garments (trousers), today we have our youths totally glorifying this abominable lifestyle.

The homosexuals have a twisted lust that Prophet Lut (AS) offered them his daughters (women of the nation) , they said NO, we want men....

"By Allaah, I do not know any people on the face of earth more wicked and disgusting than these people (homosexuals) of this town." Lut (AS) Tafseer of Ibn Katheer under Suratul Hud.

We are living in an era where everything evil and disgusting is being glorified by the proponents of the 21st century civilization.

There was a consensus among the Sahaabah that there is no sin that brings worse consequences than homosexuality.

Homosexuality is indicative of violation of the fitrah (inherent pure state), total misguidance, weak intellect and lack of religiosity which must be disallowed.

We say to those paid researchers and scientists that Homosexuality is not in the genes, Allaah hasn't created man with a twisted lust...

The evil souls have fallen deeper in the abyss of sins and insanity that they come up with gay Muslim society and masajid. Allaah is Watching!

An act that even animals will detest, man is celebrating. Indeed, they have stoop so low that the animals are now better than them.

Allaah punished those who were guilty of homosexuality in a way that He did not punish other nations.

It's a competitive world, hence gayism begets lesbianism. What about being a righteous and obedient servant of Allaah?

No sin is unpardonable by Allaah even shirk is pardoned after sincere repentance. Hence, we call upon the gay Muslims to repent to Allaah.

As Muslims, we are against Homosexuality and we will never stop speaking against it. Our loyalty is to Allaah not to Satan.

May Allaah out of His Mercy cure those suffering from the disease of a twisted lust called homosexuality and bring them back to His servitude.