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Monday, 3 November 2014

Journey Of The Soul 1

Journey of the Soul

Kun Saadiqan fee ni'yyatika, Mukhlisan fee 'amalika...Be truthful in your intention and sincere in your deeds.

A man will be exposed to the reality of his final destination before his soul departs from his body. What plans do you have ahead?

Grave is the first of the Hereafter's domiciles, if you make it in the grave what is going to follow it after resurrection is going to be better and if you fail in the grave it will be your worst nightmare and what is to come of Hell Fire will be worse.

The interview in the grave is an inescapable reality, how prepared are we?
Our inordinate rivalry in wanting to outdo one another in materialism has deluded us away from the reality of grave, nay the Hereafter.

At that moment when Allaah decrees the divorce between our body and soul, we will come to know if we were riding on a horse or a mule.

The soul of the pious believers in Islamic Monotheism with correct Aqeedah (creed) devoid of shirk and bid'ah is taken gently placed on a shroud from Jannah with an embalmment from the fragrance of Jannah, celebrated by all the angels between the heavens and the earth and escorted by the elite angels of each heaven up until the seventh heaven where Allaah will be pleased with the soul.

The unbeliever, the sinner doesn't make it to the first heaven, he's cursed by the angels utterly rejected by Allaah destined for severe punishment in the grave morning and evening.

Even in the grave it's all about Tawheed (legitimate Monotheistic believe): Who is your Lord? What is your Deen? What can you say about the Man sent among you?

What has put us into a deception about Allaah? Is it politics? Is it entertainment? Is it social media? Is it wealth acquisition? What is it?

Death is lurking around the corner.

The Hereafter has been referred to as the Day when all secrets will be exposed. Our hands, legs, skins will bear witness for or against us.

Fear Allaah at all times, know that you were created alone, you will die alone, you will be resurrected alone and you will give account of your deeds alone.

At the end, we either go to Jannah or Jahannam. It depends on our aspiration.
May Allaah purify our souls and may He favor us with an enviable death.