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Thursday, 15 January 2015

Our Prophet and the Insulting Cartoons:

Modern day hypocrisy: Vocal condemnation of religious freedom but passionate promotion of satirical representation of Islamic ideals. 

Most at times, a man gets more popular via his enemies. Those insulting our Prophet are only making him more popular. 

The enemies of Islam want to subdue us by repeatedly making jests of our beloved Prophet, we will never be tired in defending his honor.

Not the least will the cartoons hurt the personality of our beloved Habib Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) but it will destroy the destiny of the perpetrators and those in support of this sinister agenda.

If insulting Prophet Muhammad (Pbuh) would extinguish the truth with which he came with, we all wouldn't have been Muslims today. 

The insult did not start at the inception of modern day media, it had its roots since he proclaimed the Message of Allaah.

We Muslims will never stoop so low by insulting any Prophet because if we do we instantly lose our faith but we can't be silent when Prophet Muhammad (Pbuh) is insulted.

Those insulting our beloved Prophet (Pbuh) are undoubtedly suffering from satanic mental colonialism, they are slaves to their ego. They want to provoke us so that they can subdue us further.

For those who have hearts to think, Islam has once again proven to be the only religion sanctioned by Allaah. We don't insult Prophets. 

Islam is the ONLY RELIGION that respects and honors all the Prophets of Allaah. No religion has the audacity to challenge this statement. 

Where is Salman Rush-die today? hiding for two decades for insulting the most beloved of Allaah. He is dejected and isolated from the world. 

The British gave him a physical asylum but definitely not a psychological asylum.

What the wicked enemies of Islam don't understand is that Islam is the ONLY Religion legitimized by Allaah and nobody wins a battle against Allaah. 

When you insult our beloved Prophet (Pbuh) we don't REACT but we RESPOND because as Muslims we have code of conducts binding upon us.

For almost 1500 years down the line now, everyday the name of Prophet Muhammad (Pbuh) echoes in the four corners of the entire universe.

One of the miracles of Prophet Muhammad (Pbuh) is that the salient qualities in other Prophets were part and parcel of his normal character. 

The world knows the truth and that is why they are shaking in their pants in trying to paint white black. Islam will dominate over all 'isms.

The Pagan Arabs that launched character assassinating warfare against the personality of Prophet Muhammad (Pbuh) surrendered to his message a decade after. History repeats itself.

Don't mince your words just to please the enemies of Allaah, always remember that as a Muslim, your allegiance is to Allaah and not otherwise.

I call upon the Muslims to go out and showcase the impeccable character of Prophet Muhammad (Pbuh) and see if the enemies' hearts won't be melted if Allaah Wills them with guidance.