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The blame is not on the one who does not accept advice. Rather, it is on the one who presents it inappropriately


Friday, 12 June 2015

Secret Of A Happy Life

In the Name of Allaah, the Entirely Merciful, the Especially Merciful.

Live honestly with people and do not smile with people while you harbor hatred for them for that speaks volume of hypocrisy.

Busy yourself in the service of Islam and Allaah will make your worldly affairs easy for you.

When you desire good for others with all sincerity, Allaah brings good your way with all abundance.

No man is without a fault, so do not amplify the faults of others....seek to advice them.

Unless we appreciate the challenges in the lives of others, we will always criticise unjustly.

Help those in need and the Most Generous Ar-Rahman will provide for you from means you never anticipate your sustenance to come from.

Recite abundance istighfar for no man lives without a sin.

Tread cautiously in your pursuit for material gains, lest Satan uses that as a tool to destroy your Akhira (Hereafter).

Don't embark on a mission to please everyone, rather please Allaah and the pious among Allaah's creations will be pleased with you.

Be kind and generous to your parents even if they are wealthier than you because kindness to them is a duty made obligatory upon you by Allaah.

The qualities of meeting hatred with love, harshness with gentleness, hostility with friendship, miserliness with generosity makes you a happy and this melts the hearts of your enemies.

Be open and considerate but by all means have a guiding principle and don't compromise on it.
Meet people cheerful whether they appreciate you or not.

Be genuinely concerned about the plight of others and rush to offer a helping hand to those in need.

Wish others the best and Allaah will give you the best.

Let your second nature be truthfulness and consistency and this will insert your love in the hearts of men.

Don't belittle your integrity by begging of men...rather raise your dignity by begging Allaah.

Don't reduce the concept of worship to seasons and specific periods rather worship Allaah at all times just as He is our Lord at all times.

Cry over your sins, speak aptly and do not socialize unnecessarily.

May Allaah inspire us to all goodness.‎