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Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Words for an inquiring mind II

In the Name of Allaah, the Entirely Merciful, the Especially Merciful. 

A friend's father said: "The greatest asset you can ever have is a good human being." 

Are you still overwhelmed by the status the world accords you? Remember, those that were power brokers yesterday are now seeking for relevance today.

In case you still haven't fully understood the reality of this world, then take a look at how yesterday's heroes are today's zeroes. 

Those that were celebrated yesterday are denigrated today and those that were looked down upon yesterday are celebrated today. It's a cycle that many are aware of but are not learning from.

As the events of the world unfold we see the traces of it's deception. Don't be carried away by the accolades coming your way today, rather see them as tests from Allaah to either make us better or push us down the path of abasement. 

What you could afford years back have become difficult for you to afford now and for some, what was difficult has been made easy to afford. This is dunya.

Just like the luxuriant green gardens that eventually turn yellow afterwards so will everyman taste the bitterness of this world. Strength to weakness, relevance to irrelevance or sometimes weakness to strength and irrelevance to relevance until life leads to death.

Sadly, man will still not learn. Easily driven by the intoxication of power, wealth, fame and proximity to the seat of power as though it's permanent. 
My humble message to myself first and to your honorable self is that whatever heights we attain we should always connect with those at the lowest footing because one day we will leave everything behind and the point of reference will be our legacies and footprint if ever we left any behind worthy of emulation.

I pray Allaah guides us to that which pleases Him.‎